Walking Papers Release Epic 'Divine Intervention' Video

Keavin Wiggins | 01-11-2021

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Walking Papers Release Epic 'Divine Intervention' Video
Single art courtesy ABC

Walking Papers have released a music video for their epic new single "Divine Intervention," which comes from their forthcoming album "The Light Below", which is set to hit stores on February 5th.

The video was directed by Boredom Killing Business with Cory Ingram, Konstantin Komarov and Bob Wayne and runs for 12:30 because it is actually two songs from the album that were combined for the clip.

Frontman Jefferson Angell explained, "We just showed up and allowed ourselves to be carried away, the song was originally one piece and we broke it into two for the record ('Divine Intervention' and 'Stood Up At The Gates of Heaven') and when we were editing the video, we decided to put it back as one for an extended art piece. There you have it: 'Divine Intervention,' a glorious 12:30 minutes."

Angell said of the new record, "This album was different by design. We wanted to pull the arrow back a little further before we let it fly. Music is a liner art form. It's changes and dynamics are crucial to it's magic.

"These songs are special in their approach to their own idea and I'm thrilled to share them with anyone who will listen." Watch the new video below:

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Walking Papers Release Epic 'Divine Intervention' Video

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