King Of Sweden Share Track By Track For 'The Training'

Michael Angulia | 10-03-2021

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Album cover art

Finnish progressive rockers King Of Sweden are celebrating the release of their debut album, "The Training", by sharing a track by track break down for the record.

'Dreaming About the Emerald' is the first single by King of Sweden. It's the first peek into the 6-track album The Training, and it paints both a dreamy and energetic musical landscape. 

'Two Thieves' is a progressive rock song by King of Sweden. It leads the listener to a journey through groovy riffs and dreamy landscapes. 

'In the House of a Witch' is an instrumental song by this progressive rock band, capturing an edgy and atmospheric image of a visitation in a house of a witch.

'The Imprisonment' is a prog rock ballad by the band. The song consists of soft guitar playing and strong vocals that are crowned with a smooth saxophone sound.  

'Help Arrives' is another single by these prog rockers, combining energetic guitar riffs, technically skilful playing and varying time signatures. The song consists of three different parts: A) God Uses a Hammer B) Helps Arrives and C) Butterfly Hatches. 

'And the Last Enemy to Be Destroyed is Mathematics' is the final track for King of Sweden, diving into the subject of infinity by means of delirious guitar patterns, hypnotic bass lines, and frenzied drumming.

Stream the album via Spotify here.

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King Of Sweden Share Track By Track For 'The Training'

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