Singled Out: Weapons Of Anew's Killshot

Weapons Of Anew

Weapons Of Anew recently hit the road with Scott Stapp to promote their album The Collision of Love and Hate and to celebrate we asked guitarist Freddy Ordine to tell us about the latest single "Killshot". Here is the story:

Killshot was the first song I had written for Weapons Of Anew. I had not been in a band in a few years at the time, and there was this undeniable urge inside me to do this all over again.

It was a really rough but yet ultimately a very rewarding time in my life. I was in the middle of a crumbled marriage and eventually a divorce and I needed to find myself again.

I had stopped playing to try to appease someone that truly was never happy, I had a lot of creativity that I had buried deep down for years.
So musically, the song jumped out of me once I gave it a chance to live and it awoke me!!

This song is a story of love, the confusion it causes and the hate that that same love can create. It is when you give someone your all, and all you want back is just a small piece and they continue to just take it for granted.

That love that was so strong explodes into a hatred, and that is where the album title "The Collision Of Love And Hate" came from.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself, learn more about the album and see the tour dates right here!

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