The Delines - Colfax

Because this band features the pedal steel playing of Tucker Jackson prominently, they are inevitably going to be pegged as an Americana band. But this is no hoedown record; with lead vocals being handled by front woman Amy Boone, who sings with understated elegance, the music here has just as much in common with the jazzy folk-pop of Shelby Lynne or, on languorous cuts like "Calling In" and "I Won't Slip Up," the early work of downbeat rockers Cowboy Junkies.

A hint as to where some of Boone's vocal styling comes from comes midway through the album with a cover of (fellow pianist) Randy Newman's "Sandman's Coming." Everything here is delicate and on the slow and dreamy "Flight 31" the guitar notes from (acclaimed novelist) Willy Vlautin dance around Boone's vocals like a hummingbird that wants to taste the nectar but leave the flower feeling untouched.

There are a couple songs here where the chorus can be learned and sung along to but overall Colfax is a real relaxer meant just to be listened to.

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