Boiling Point - More

by Kevin Wierzbicki

If you're talking about water, when it hits the boiling point it turns into steam and disappears into the ether. Boiling Point the band also lives high up in the ether but they're quite visible, or maybe that should be audible, and the heavens is their beat for a couple of different reasons.

The first is the band's penchant for soaring, guitar-driven and radio-ready rock songs like "More" and "Brand New Day," the one/two punch that opens the record. More poppy than punky, the songs are stocked with lyrics that are easy to sing along to and bright melodies that invite the playing of air guitar, etc. Even the at-the-end-of-your-rope "When You've Lost it All" is fun although the song is about fighting desperation. And that brings us to the second reason why Boiling Point lives in the higher realms. The guys are Christians and although they don't wear their beliefs on their sleeves here their spirituality clearly adds a positive and palpable quality to the music.

Overall though Boiling Point is likely to be defined by their ability to seamlessly mash-up the sound of Warped Tour bands with dollops of the best of the power pop bands of the last few decades. And while the guys are moving up rapidly on the strength of More and appearances at festivals, should they decide to throw their hat into the Warped Tour ring next year their fan base would absolutely explode.

To hear Boiling Point music and view the lyric video for "When You've Lost it All" visit www.boilingpointband.com .

Release date: 9-16-14

Purchase the album here.

Boiling Point - More

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