Lockjaw Premiere 'I Can't Escape' Video


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Lockjaw Single art
Single art

(Freeman) Lockjaw have unveiled a video for their brutal new single "I Can't Escape". The track comes off their newly announced debut full length, 'Relentless', which will be released through AISAUS / The Orchard on July 7, 2023.

Commenting on the new track, Jeff Ogle (guitar) shares, "'I Can't Escape' is one of my favorite songs on the record. The main riff was something totally different, and when we presented it to our producer (Chris Collier) we had a really good vision for the arrangement, but he totally heard something different! He sent us a few demos back and it was like 'Whoa sh*t, there it is!'"

This excitement feeds these DFW stalwarts, who have spent the last 20 years as friends and musical comrades, channeling energy that eventually became LOCKJAW and resulted in last year's lead-off single "Breaking Point", which has close to 400K streams on Spotify and +173K views on YouTube. Their debut studio effort, 'Relentless', is a searing and unwavering collection of songs that are poised to set the band on a path to even bigger stages!

Going into the themes and message behind "I Can't Escape", Ogle adds: "This was one of those songs that Joe immediately had lyrics and vocal ideas for and it really hits home for me with the topic of alcohol and substance addiction. There have been so many people throughout my adult life that I have watched get sucked into the pitfalls of that party lifestyle. When you're young and in your 20s, nothing is a big deal, it's all fun and games. Then, when you hit the 30s and 40s, things start to change, right? Suddenly these drinking habits are a bit more controlling than one might have realized and can open the gateway to other substances that are more lethal.

"We hope that this song connects with everyone that has had mental health, addiction, or substance issues in their lives or a loved one's life. More than anything, the overall theme on this record is about overcoming, rising up, healing, and silencing fears and weaknesses that plague us all."

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