Foghat Remember Rod Price With 'Black Days & Blue Nights' Video


Foghat Remember Rod Price With 'Black Days & Blue Nights' Video

(ABC) Foghat have released a music video for their song "Black Days & Blue Nights," which comes from their from their critically acclaimed new album (and first in seven years), SONIC MOJO.

The song was written by the current lineup --founding drummer Roger Earl, lead singer/guitarist Scott Holt, slide lead guitarist/engineer/co-producer Bryan Bassett, bassist/vocalist Rodney O'Quinn & their manager Linda Arcello-Earl--about the band's original lead slide guitarist Rod Price, who passed away in 2005.

Price first joined the band in 1971 when Roger Earl, Dave Peverett, and Tony Stevens decided to leave Savoy Brown to create a new group, which they later named FOGHAT. In search of a guitarist, they placed an ad in the U.K's Melody Maker magazine. Roger Earl recalls: "We auditioned several guitarists, many of them very good, but to the best of my recollection, Rod was the only one who played slide. His slide playing was very intense with this incredible vibrato. Dave and I looked at each other...he was the one."

The video features footage of Rod from the '70s. Leading up to the premiere, the band had been posting videos of band memories and personal stories about Rod on their official website and social media pages. Also new is a Remembering Rod Price Page on the website.

Roger Earl: "This song is our Ode to Rod Price. Our manager Linda and I began writing the song, because she had also managed Rod for a few years after he left FOGHAT in 1980. We felt compelled to write something about him. Rod was a complicated man. He was a beautiful soul, and we were good friends when he joined the band. However, after four or five years on the road, it started to wear on him. He was seeking a more peaceful existence. We were touring relentlessly and although Dave and I loved it, it was tough on Rod."­­­

Bryan Bassett: "I have fond recollections of my time spent touring with Rod Price. The year was 1991. I was touring Europe with Lonesome Dave and it was an anniversary year for the band FOGHAT, the band having been formed in 1971. Dave asked Rod to join us on our European trip and he decided he would. I had a blast traveling around the continent with Rod, studying his playing style up close and personal, as well as becoming friends. We often roomed together and talked about many things outside of music. I had just met my soon-to-be wife Julie and my discussions with Rod about maybe getting married were very important to me. We also spoke about many different styles of music. He was a particular fan of Philip Glass and many other classical composers. I saw a side of Rod many may not have seen. Most knew him only from his powerful stage presence. I cherish the memories and the time I with spent him."

Scott Holt: "Rod Price was the lynchpin of the guitars in FOGHAT. He was the lead guitar player and he created the sound that became FOGHAT. 'Slow Ride' doesn't exist without that iconic drum intro and Rod Price's slide playing."

Rodney O'Quinn: "Rod Price! One of the most electrifying slide players I've ever heard. His vibrato was amazing and off the charts. All I can say is he was electrifying!"

Manager Linda Arcello-Earl: "When I started working for FOGHAT In 1976, I was put 'in charge' of Rod. He had the best giggle, fun to be around, incredibly talented, and very insecure. Making decisions on things like buying furniture for his new home was a real challenge. We had some laughs decorating! Rod and I were good friends, and I totally respected his extraordinary talent. 'The Stone Blue' tour in 1978 totally did him in. On the road eight days a week, they had very little time off. When he left FOGHAT in 1980, I managed him and a new band he put together called Nightwatch. We recorded six tracks up at Bearsville Studios in 1982 and did a brief Northeast club tour and had a good couple of years before things started to fall apart. I am working on releasing the Nightwatch recordings in the very near future."

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