Reimagined Version Of Lou Reed's Critically-Acclaimed 'Metal Machine Music' Coming


Reimagined Version Of Lou Reed's Critically-Acclaimed 'Metal Machine Music' Coming

(Hired Gun Media) An ambient reimagining of the deafeningly assaultive Lou Reed original, METAL MACHINE MUSIC, is due out on May 3rd. METAL MACHINE MUZAK is a new take on Reed's seminal, brilliantly divisive release. True to the original, METAL MACHINE MUZAK features four long-form tracks, each clocking in at 16 minutes and 1 second, by four top-shelf indie rock luminaries: Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh), Cory Hanson (Wand), W. Cullen Hart (The Olivia Tremor Control) and Mark Robinson (Unrest). Click here to experience a taste of METAL MACHINE MUZAK.

METAL MACHINE MUZAK will be available in two different configurations: digital-only or double vinyl plus digital. The double-LP gatefold configuration will be pressed on 180-gram colored vinyl, and is limited to an exclusive numbered run of 300 copies, only 90 of which will be available for purchase online.
METAL MACHINE MUZAK was curated and released by Dave Gebroe, creator and host of the music obsessive's podcast, Discograffiti. A longtime Lou Reed fan, of this passion project, Gebroe stated, "For years now I've had the idea for a Hal Willner-esque compilation over which I'm fairly certain Lou might've had a chuckle. Or maybe he'd have struck an ornery stance against it...it's hard to say. Back in 1975, he released arguably the most demanding and pure distillation of noise imaginable. METAL MACHINE MUSIC still stands as the cornerstone against which all other howls of rage must be stacked."

Discograffiti is the podcast that gives true music obsessives the chance to connect with a brotherhood fanatical about rating the entire discography of every single artist and band that ever mattered. With 3 to 4 new episodes each week, listeners gain a comprehensive knowledge of an act's history and output in the time it takes to listen to one album. Creator and host Dave Gebroe threw his career as a licensed hearing instrument specialist in the trash and sold his house in order to create the ultimate music podcast, and Discograffiti is now rated in the top 1.5% of all podcasts globally.

Each episode of Discograffiti features an eclectic and wide-ranging slew of cool musicians doing longform deep-dive interviews in which they rate either their favorite band's output-or their own-from zero to five stars. From Mike Watt rating The Minutemen, to Terry Kirkman on The Association, Bob Nastanovich on Pavement, Bob Forrest on The Band, Bob Mehr on The Replacements, Michelle Phillips on The Mamas & The Papas, and Lou Barlow on The Zombies, each new guest swings a hard left into an area you either had no idea you needed to know about, or know all about and can't believe you're not alone out there.

Lou Barlow is an American alternative rock singer/songwriter/guitarist/bassist. A founding member of the groups Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion, Barlow is credited with helping to pioneer the lo-fi style of rock music in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His first band, which was formed in Amherst, Massachusetts, was Deep Wound.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Cory Hanson played an auxiliary role in numerous bands before settling into a more stable gig making rugged psychedelia with Wand. In addition to his full-time work with that band and occasional toned-down duo work with Ty Segall, Hanson releases solo albums that can be bucolic and introspective like 2021's Pale Horse Rider or more in keeping with Wand's high-energy weirdness, as is the case with Hanson's 2023 solo effort Western Cum.

Visionary singer/songwriter W. Cullen Hart was a co-founder of The Elephant 6 Recording Company, as well as the neo-psych rock band The Olivia Tremor Control. Following that band's breakup, Hart and several other former members regrouped to create Circulatory System.

Indie rock mainstay Mark Robinson is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Washington, D.C. who founded Teenbeat Records in 1984. Best known for founding Unrest, he has also been a member of Air Miami, Flin Flon, Grenadine, and currently plays with Evelyn Hurley (Blast Off Country Style) in Cotton Candy and also with D. Trevor Kampmann in Fang Wizard.

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