Madness Deliver 'Theatre Of The Absurd Presents C'Est La'



(BHM) One of the UK's most beloved British bands Madness have unveiled their highly anticipated, 13th full length album Theatre Of the Absurd Presents C'Est La Vie, via BMG. The long-awaited album comes seven years after the release of their last record.

In a joint statement about the new LP, Madness said: "Well, well, well, here we are... our 13th album (lucky for some). Theatre Of The Absurd Presents C'Est La Vie is ready for your ears. For us, recording it was the perfect antidote to the chaos of the past few years - we were all there, properly in the zone. It was just us, in an industrial unit in Cricklewood, playing together. We loved it!"

Lead single "C'est La Vie" was featured as the "Record of the Week" on BBC Radio 2, and it was added to the A-list upon release. The song has an eerie space-ska feel and reflects on the perils of everyday life. "C'est La Vie" was introduced to the world by Helen Mirren who recorded a self-tape performing her very own interpretation of the song, before ever hearing it.

The governing principle behind Theatre Of the Absurd Presents C'Est La Vie, is: "let Madness be Madness". The result is an album of typically timeless brilliance that also reflects the wonky years of its creation. These 14 songs represent the cream of the bumper crop of tunes the group cooked up, whittled down to this punchy, focused set.

There are moments of ineffably catchy pop excellence (drummer Daniel "Woody" Woodgate's beguiling, bittersweet carousel "Round We Go," Chrissy-Boy's anarchic anthem to perhaps-justified paranoia, "Run For Your Life"), while the album is bookended by two of Suggs' finest compositions "Theatre Of The Absurd" and "In My Street." Elsewhere, Lee "Kix" Thompson's macabre "The Law According To Dr Kippah" recreates the saxman's memories of the broiling summer of 1976, while "Baby Burglar" recites the true-life tale of being burgled while his family slept. Barso's "Beginner's 101," meanwhile, is another tale of crime, a heist movie playing out across a four-minute pop song, echoing Bogart classic The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

A very special prologue running through the album is supplied by Emmy and BAFTA Awards winning Martin Freeman. A longtime fan, the relationship formed with the band when Madness' manager found Martin in a meet and greet queue and introduced him to the members. Get the album here.

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