Bret Michaels Got it Right Says Steven Adler's Publicist


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(Life And Times) In a new profile by Mick Michaels at "The Cosmick View", Steven Adler's publicist Rikki Lee Travolta expounds upon the importance of managing image in the media - citing Poison lead singer Bret Michaels as an ideal example of image done right.

"I admire guys like Bret Michaels - who is an absolute expert at image. He has a very specific look that he has cultivated over the years. He has a very specific music style. He has certain catchphrases and a way of speaking that is inherently his own. He has a wonderfully charismatic public persona that highlights his best attributes as a person. It all comes together brilliantly," says Travolta.

The end result of all that effort creating a winning image? "Everyone in the world knows Bret Michaels. He's going to be in the headlines and selling out concerts as long as he wants to," praises Travolta.

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In addition to handling public relations and publicity for Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame drummer Steven Adler, Travolta is the former head of PR for Empire Today - credited for much of the mega brand's notoriety and success. He is the publicist who broke Crowbar to the masses and also previously contributed to campaigns for Janet Jackson, Sting, Bryan Adams, and Extreme.

Steven Adler and Bret Michaels both graduated from West Hollywood's famed Sunset Strip in the 1980s, Adler with Guns N' Roses and Michaels with Poison. Adler next appears in concert sharing the bill with Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil on November 30th at Quechan Casino Resort in Winterhaven, CA.

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