Singled Out: Inglorious' She Won't Let You Go

Keavin Wiggins | 01-25-2021

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Singled Out: Inglorious' She Won't Let You Go
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Inglorious are gearing up to release their new album "We Will Ride" on Feb. 12th and to celebrate we have asked Nathan James to tell us about the first single "She Won't Let You Go." Here is the story:

The song I have chosen is the first single from our new album "she won't let you go" All inglorious songs start their lives with a big riff and this one came about before our new guitarist even joined the band. Myself and Danny were actually writing the song for his solo project that I was going to manage and co produce. We wrote the song one afternoon at my home in Devon, UK, Danny wrote the riff and I knew as soon as he showed me it that out was special. When I eventually asked Danny to be in the band I said to him "dude, we have to do that song that we wrote" he agreed and then I set about writing the lyrics.

After listening to the track I few times I started humming this chorus and the words "red haired lady" came to me...I ran through my memories to see if I could recall anything, any moment, any character I had met with red hair that was worthy of a song being written about them. I then remembered an evening in London with my 2 guitarists and some friends before the guitarists were in the band. On this particular night out my friend had gained the attention f a very attractive lady with red hair. After a few drinks and kisses we backed off and left them to it on the dance floor. My guitarist tapped me and said "oh my god look" and I turn and saw this girl with red hair punching my friend on the dance floor inferno of everyone...I was so shocked, I ran over and asked him if all was ok. And he just said yes... was so weird. She kept doing it, kissing, flirting and then smacking him round the head. I couldn't believe my eyes. We then asked him if he was coming home with us and he said no and so he left with this crazy girl.

He then called a few hours later saying she kicked him out, which I was kinda relieved to hear.

I remember confronting her. Towards the end of the night and asking her why she hit him? And she just giggled like nothing happened. A proper crazy chick. Anyways that's why I figured the red haired lady would be her.

The recording of the song was kinda cool, obviously we recorded in lockdown and we had demoed up all the songs before hand as a starting point. Its the last vocal I recorded for the album as I knew it was gonna be the first single, our producer Romesh made me rewrite the pre chorus and it went down in about 2 hours. I'm so happy with it.

Danny had recorded the intro that has this cool effect on and when it came to the final mix the producer, Romesh Dodangoda actually used Dannys demo guitar tracks as he felt it really captured what he wanted. Its the only bit of guitar on the album that was recorded about a year before. Its also the first song Danny an I wrote together. Its really special to us and I hope people like it.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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