How David Lee Roth Got Out Of Jury Duty 2021 In Review

Michael Angulia | 12-09-2021

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How David Lee Roth Got Out Of Jury Duty 2021 In Review
Screen capture of Roth's painting

Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth had a top 21 story from February 2021 after he shared an art piece that explained how he got out of jury duty: Roth spent part of his time during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown creating original art that also acts as social commentary.

One piece of art that he shared in February declared "the internet we got hacked", but with another picture that he shared via social media, Roth explains how he got out of jury duty.

In a piece entitled "Jury Duty" is an ocean scene with a frog and two fish with wide opened mouths and eyes. Roth added several lines of text to the piece that reads as follows:

Judge: Juror No. 7, Do you think you would make a good juror?

No. 7: Yes your honor, I do.

Judge: And why is that?

No. 7: You honor, I've done a lot of traveling and I know the good and bad neighborhoods

Judge: Good and bad neighborhoods?

No. 7: Your honor, I've seen whole communities where every single person in them was a crook, a liar, a thief, or covering for somebody who was (stunned silence)

Judge: Juror No. 7, can you tell me one of those neighborhoods?

No. 7 Your honor, my first example would be the legal community of Beverly Hills..

This is how I got out of jury duty

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