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Modest Mouse Top Charts

Fighting Words: Oasis are repetitive Luddites

Bury Your Prom Queen

Family Values 2007

Slayer and Manson Summer Tour

Family Values 2007

Linkin Park TV and Tour Dates

Rush World Tour

Snoop Diddy Tour Dogged By Govt

Starz Greatest Hits Live

Totimoshi Announce Tour

Birds Of Avalon Extend Tour

Finntroll Set Date, Preview Track

Idol Loser Looking for Deal Via Another Contest

Quiet Riot Rehab Tour

The Benefit Concert Vol. 2

Sound The Alarm Tour

10,000 Lakes Festival

Victory Now Booking

Koch Regained

Sound Of The Talking Beast

Dionne Warwick Classic Reissues

Sick Puppies Have Worms... Wait, They A Streaming Their CD At The Worm

Yamin Makes Indie History

Breaking Benjamin DVD Preview

Haste The Day Make Billboard 100

From The Jam Tour

Corinne Bailey Rae DVD and Tour

Jesus Lizard Live DVD

Faber Drive Second Chance

Great Glass Elevator Free EP

Bowie Curates NY Festival

Fields Debut

Bum Rush the Charts

Passion Tour

If Your Not For Peace, We'll Kill You! Oh Wait, it's a Santana Peace Concert DVD, never mind.

Timberlake/Timbaland Tour

Welcome to the Suck

Glenn Hughes / Chad Smith Book Whisky Gig

Soph Motor

Limbeck Grow Up

Lillian Axe Return with Waters Rising

Wynonna Dumps Roach

VNV Nation CD/Tour

The Almost Tour

Rush UK

June Carter Cash Coming Early

Talking Lamb

Ask The Good, The Bad & The Queen

Icicles Arrivals & Departures

The Gathering In NYC

Chrisopher Blue Preview

Manson Says Fur Is Garbage

Macy Gray Today

Hot Rod Circuit Acoustic

Junkie XL Signs to new EA Label

Winehouse Makes Chart History

Ozzfest to Feature Lordi, Lamb of God, Hatebreed and more

2&2: Grace Slick

Nielsen SoundScan’s 2007 "At A Glance"

Paul Simon Vs Oasis

Mike McCready's Flight to Mars Benefit

Joy Electric's Otherly Opus

Guitar Army 35th Anniversary Edition

Antigama & Drugs Of Faith Split Cd

Razorlight Amends

Future Rock Harmonized

Sweet Green Dreams For Dave Stewart

Rufus Wainwright in May

A Plus Tour

Dupri Signs Jagged Edge

Hell Within Preview

Garnett Silk's Earthday Bash DVD

ALO Set Release

Bleed The Dream Soph

Night Kills The Day in April

McMurtry the Biggest Agitator

Floyd, Mott and Leonard Under Review

Aasim Go

Lou Reed Adds UK Date

The Mother Hips Set Release

K Fed's Pay Day

We Are The Fury Bowling

Indy 500 Saliva

Chicken Wings For Hudson

Boost Mobile RockCorps Bay Area Event

Kaiser Chiefs Are Coming

Dollyrots Dates

Mower Western US Tour

Bobby Lee Rodgers & The CodeTalkers Tour

Ari Hest Release Set

Indie Success Borne Online

A Message From Tori

More Static-X Videos

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Tour

Minus the Bear Tour

Gene Simmons "Ass"vertising

MTV To Resurrect Boybands, American Idol Style

Cephalic Carnage Set Release

Patti Smith Preview

Paul Rodgers Live In Glasgow CD/DVD

Despised Icon Set Release

Becoming The Archetype Tracks

Amoeba on the Radio

2&2: Lamb of God Q&A

Modest Mouse Tour

Leeds/Reading Festival

Bjork US Tour

New Found Glory Leave Geffen

Nine Inch El-P Cassette

Faber Drive is Coming

Weird Al Trapped in MySpace

Virgin College Mega Tour

Dropping Daylight Video and Tour Dates

Britney's Miracle Spin Dry

The Slow Signal Fade Split

English Beat UK Return

Northern Ireland to Rock US

Chris Shinn Returns with Everything Is Energy

Smile Empty Soul Tour

Amy Winehouse Tour

Whitey Goes West

Destroy All Monsters DVD

The Two Man Gentlemen Band Tour

Cornell to Hit The Road

Bon Jovi's Lost CD in June

Pan Shortage in LA as Metallica Begin Recording

Henry Rollins Show Returns

Extreme Corporate Punishment Pain Principle

Judas Talking

The F**king Champ Makes Nice

Ray J Porn Deal

Martino Conspiracy Release Party


2&2 Slayer Part II

Ozzfest Dates

Mailbag: How the Southwest Was Lost

Boston Singer Found Dead

Eddie Van Halen Enters Rehab

Solarcade Killers

Corporate Punishment Drowning in Conspiracy

Villebillies Skratch n Sniff Hed PE

Crystal Visions of Stevie Nicks

Sillyworld of Stone Sour

Leftover Salmon Return

Sigh Set Release

Starcastle's Song Of Times

Tangerine Dream DVD

Point One Bring the Rock This Year

Sounds of God of War II

Gary Allen Hit

Melee's Biggest Mistake

J.Lo Idol

Inside the Army of Anyone

Talking Appice

Underoath Rewarped

Move Over Behind The Music, here comes Behind The Fluff

Digital Coxon

Mitch Easter's Dynamico

Bowling For The Bionic Man

Clutch World Tour

Onesidezero Delayed

Pete Townshend's Method

A Vulgar Display Of Power For Charity

Linkin Park's LPTV

Strata Going To Hell Over Cocaine

Relient K Top 10

The Cursed Set Release

Thine Eyes Bleed Recording Soph CD

Rise To Addiction Preview

Random Touch To Further Defy Classification With New Release

The Finals Find Their New Voice

Who Let the Lawyers Out?

Do Humans Taste Like Chicken?

June Recording Soph CD

Rise Against Canada

Saliva Release Ladies and Gentlemen

Courtney Vs Rehab

Being Emo Makes You An Icon

Black Metal Satanic Porn

Joss Stone Vegges Out

Elton Number Ones

Goldrush CD/Tour

Gene Simmons Family Jewels Returns

Grace Slick OC Exhibit Dates Change

Azrael's Bane Join Milwaukee Metal Fest

Soular Set Release, Announce Dates

Port Righ Say Don't Be Foolish

Warren Zevon Reissues

Furtado Back in the Top 10

This Is The New American National Anthem

Genesis Reunion Tour

Tool's Retooled Dates

Relive Bonnaroo's Greatest Sets

Young Dubliners Celebrate St. Patty's in LA

Kings of Leon Tour

Breaking Benjamin Release Breath

TVT Ink The Polyphonic Spree

Metal And Porn

Unauthorized Linkin Park and More

Static-X Destroyer

the bird and the bee Join Lily Allen Tour

We Are I EP

Evil Dead The Musical

Gutterfly Set Release

Lou Reed's Berlin Shows

Clouds Announce U.S. Tour Debut

Carla Thomas Stax Reissue

All Smiles For Grandaddy Guitarist



Euro Rocket Scientists

Winehouse Rehab

Weather Report Live DVD

Rum & Roses

Eastern Conference Champions Tour

The Ice Man Cometh Again

Sick Puppies Invasion Underway

Mike Patton Goes Pop

View Reschedule U.S. Tour After "Visa" issues

Albert Hammond, Jr. Headline Dates

Touring Willowz

Foxy Brown Charged

Kill The Romance

Alesana Sport Frail Road Wings

In the Studio with Aqualung

Grant-Lee Phillips CD/Tour

Bastard Fairies Spread the Music

The Festies

Metal For The Masses tour

Testament World Wide Tour Dates

Darkest Hour in July

Victor L. Wooten Tour

Rock Save The Queen

Shakira's Dirty Little Secret

Haste The Day in Stitches

Safari So Good UK

Sly Reissues

Burning Brides Set Release

300 Soundtrack

Releases in the Crossfire

Madden Woman Beater?

New Linkin Park CD in May

Crock List

Heaven and Hell US Tour

Strait Leads CMAs

Diddy A Flaming Ass?

Eclectic Covers

Robert Plant Remastered and Expanded

The Dead See on Pluto

Michael Weston King Tour

Lily Allen Maps More US Dates

Ike Reilly To Assassinate Ireland

Six Ounce Gloves Tour

In Theory Kroqed

Led Zeppelin: The Montreux Concerts

Nas Touring a Dead Horse

Vh1 Goes All YouTube

EverBlue Accolades

Mystery Jets US

Generation Beautiful Debut

Virtual Korn

Talking Snot

American Angel Return

Joseph Israel High Times in Texas

Shaw/Blades Rockline

Řya Fest SxSW

2&2: Slayer

Chris Cornell CD Pushed Back

Ferry Does Dylan

The Graduate Tour

Lordi US Tour

While Circle Takes The Square, They'll Take a Good Drummer

Josh Turner Double Platinum

Bad Brains Megaforce

John Mayall Still The King

Intronaut Add Isis Support Dates

Still Cashing In On Johnny

Napalm Death in the UK

Vital Remains in April

Gena Rowlands Band Set Date

Bonnaroo Mortgage Payments

Final Park Show

Beyonce Not Hep

Susperia Set Date

Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Ray Price Team Up

The Electric Soft Parade US

Who Likes to Jam?

The Fratellis Debut

Voices Have Eyes for eccodek

Anberlin Top 20

Anberlin Top 20

Idol Advice for Britney

SxSW Blues

The Appearance in May

Yup, Slayer Rules

Eric Quincy Tate Sets Date

Stryper DVD

Mortiis Some Kind of Heroin

Static-X Cannibal

Expatriate US

Lair of the Minotaur Dates

Buckcherry Leno

Alt Press Hit The Lights

Ponderosa Stomp SXSW

Ike Reilly Assassination Set Date

Estradasphere Tour

G.B.H. Race Against Time

Young Jeezy Street Dream

Tangerine Dream Anniversary Show

New Atlantic Debut

Day In Rock 03/30: Metallica + Al Gore?- Britney Settles Divorce- Bono Knighted- Branch Stalker Busted- Jacko Tour?- Happy Mondays- Marilyn Manson- Nirvana- Radiohead- Ash- Post Satanic Surfers- Behemoth Ozzfest- Lily Allen- Tomahawk- Greg Leon- Eric Clapton- Starz- Totimoshi- Finntroll- Quiet Riot- Sound The Alarm- 10,000 Lakes Fest- more

Day In Rock 03/29: Black Eyed Pea Arrested- Radiohead Starbucks?- Mest Murder Self Defense- Morrissey-Iced Earth- Smashing Pumpkins- Gary Numan- Shadows Fall- Saves The Day- +44- Green Day- Brother Ali- Heaven and Hell- Dionne Warwick- Sick Puppies- Yamin Makes History- Breaking Benjamin- Haste The Day- The Jam- Corinne Bailey Rae- Jesus Lizard- more

Day In Rock 03/28: Aguilera Lip Synching?- G-Unit Deny Kid Beating- Jack White To Play Elvis- Vader- Deep Purple- 80s Rocklahoma- Rage Against The Reunion- Jacko's Wacko Robot- Melvins- Solo Distiller- Thursday- In This Moment Joins Ozzfest- Phil Lewis (LA) Guns- Fields- Passion- Santana Peace Concert DVD- Welcome to the Suck- Glenn Hughes- Limbeck- more

Day In Rock 03/27: Singer Arrested for Murder- Slayer and Manson Summer Tour- Family Values 2007- Linkin Park- Velvet Arson- As I Lay Dying- U2- Eagles- RHCP- Arcade Fire- Indecision- Rocker Arrested For Rape- Rise Against- Drag the River- Aeon- Rush- June Carter Cash- The Good, The Bad & The Queen- Icicles- Macy Gray- Hot Rod Circuit- more

Day In Rock 03/26: Britney Hospitalized- UK Deny Snoop- Incubus Injury- Weiland Fight- Paul Simon Vs Oasis- Judas Priest Calls RIAA Silly- Police Smashing Virgin Boys- QOTSA- Everclear- It Dies Today- Skinlab- Adolescents- Saosin- Meshuggah- Despised Icon- Mike McCready- Razorlight- Dave Stewart- Rufus Wainwright- Jagged Edge- Hell Within- ALO- Bleed The Dream- more

Day In Rock 03/23: Coldplay Go Hip Hop?- Elton Bigot Rant- Foxy Warrant- Kid Rock- Publishers Sue XM- Linkin Shoes- Radio Exec Indicted- Fishbone- Great White- Shinedown- Iron Maiden- Shadows Fall- Rolling Stones- Ozzfest- Arch Enemy-Grace Slick- Floyd, Mott Under Review- Lou Reed- We Are The Fury- Saliva- Kaiser Chiefs- Mower- more

Day In Rock 03/22: Fall Out Thieves?- Britney Goes Punk- Ozzfest bands- Musiq Tops Chart- Saves The Day- Danzig- Timberlake Dishonored- Flaming Lips Musical- Lacuna Uncoiled- Jurassic 5 Goes Extinct- Monsters Of Mayhem- Borne- Tori Amos- Static-X- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Minus the Bear- Gene Simmons "Ass"vertising- Cephalic Carnage- Patti Smith- Paul Rodgers- more

Day In Rock 03/21: White Stripes Hoax- TRL No Longer Live- Vomiting Rocker Hospitalized- Kanye West- Bay City Rollers- Joplin Movie- Days of the New- Metallica- Bill Sabo RIP- Songwriters Hall of Fame Underoath- Deftones- Modest Mouse- Leeds/Reading- Bjork- New Found Glory- Weird Al- Dropping Daylight- English Beat- Chris Shinn- more

Day In Rock 03/20: Country Star Killed- Beatles Not For Sale- Cornell Tour- Bon Jovi- Spector Trial Begins- Down- Poison- Metallica- Amorphis- Linkin Park- Bad Religion- Candiria- Prong- American Head Charge- Flaw- Alkaline Trio- Toasters- Dead Kennedys Respond to Jello- Pain Principle- Judas Talking- Ray J Porn Deal- Martino Conspiracy- more

Day In Rock 03/19: U2 3D- Gay Elton Ban- Pumpkins Set Release- Sex For Hits?- Kid Rock- Vulgar Queens- Decemberists- Sevendust- Zeppelin Vs Pirate- Venom- Limp Movie- Down- Mars Volta- Converge- Rush- !!!- Poison, Ratt and Great White Tour- Necrophagist- Born From Pain- No More Scars Of Tomorrow- Solarcade- Stevie Nicks- Stone Sour- Leftover Salmon- more

Day In Rock 03/16: Kid Rock Assaults Woman?- Lily Allen Meltdown- Doors Recruit Fuel Singer- Ben Folds- B.B. King- Rodrigo y Gabriela- Slayer- Dream Theater- Velvet Revolver- Pogues Injury- Sum 41- Offspring- Smashing Pumpkins- Since The Flood- Gary Allen- Melee- J.Lo Idol- Army of Anyone- Underoath- Behind The Fluff- Digital Coxon- more

Day In Rock 03/15: Boston Singer Suicide- Stevie Wonder Sex Suit- Britney's Rehab Romance- Bowling For Soup- Gay Tour- B.I.G. Hit- Sevendust- Jello Vs Dead Kennedys- Exodus- Clutch- Who- Ramallah- Onesidezero- A Vulgar Display Of Power Fro Charity- Linkin Park- Strata- Relient K- The Cursed- Thine Eyes Bleed- Who Let the Lawyers Out?- Rise Against- Saliva- more

Day In Rock 03/14: Ozzfest Dates- Now Britney's Bulimic- MTV Vs Google- GNR Leak Explained- R.E,M. Reunite- Police- Download- Otep- Godsmack- Warped Dates- RIAA Vs Stroke Victim- Fall Out Boy- Andrew Bordoni & Friends- Metal Satanic Porn- Paradise Lost- Joss Stone Vegges- Elton- Goldrush- Gene Simmons- Grace Slick- Azrael's BaneWarren Zevon- Furtado- more

Day In Rock 03/13: Gay Idol Lawsuit- Snoop Drug Bust- Razorlight Car Crash- The Band Vs Ad Firm- Drifters- Hellyeah- Reznor Loses His Voice- Tom Scholz Remembers Brad Delp- U2, Green Day Cover Lennon- Matchbook Romance Break Up - Don Caballero- Young Dubliners- Kings of Leon- Breaking Benjamin- Polyphonic Spree- Static-X- more

Day In Rock 03/12: Courtney Vs Rehab- Squeeze Reunite- Boston Singer Found Dead- R.E.M. Plan New CD- Busta Ban- Particle- Nickelback Honor Dimebag- Velvet Revolver- CKY Clutch Fireball Ministry Supergroup- Boysetsfire- Earth Crisis- Otep, Vines Dropped- Stereoside- Autumn Offering- All Smiles- Triclops- Rocket Scientists- Weather Report-Sick Puppies- more

Day In Rock 03/09: Rock Hall Ban Roth-NIN Movie- GNR Fan Protest- Shaddy Justice- Rush- Atheist- Bono- Popper Popped- Rage Against The Tools- Taproot- Riverboat Gamblers- Hell Yeah- Jesu- theAUDITION- Idol Vs Rosie- Mike Patton- View- Albert Hammond, Jr. - Willowz- Foxy Brown-Alesana- Aqualung- Grant-Lee Phillips- Bastard Fairies- more

Day In Rock 03/08: Genesis Reunion Tour- Rock Star INXtheft?- Labels Sue Yahoo- Kenny Loggins- Blood Brothers- Metallica- Van Halen- Wildhearts- Daughtry- Korn- Hawthorne Heights- Classic Crime- Vh1 Honors- Hammerfall- Eninem- Walls Of Jericho- Testament- Darkest Hour- Metal For The Masses- Shakira- Haste The Day- Sly Reissues- Tool- more

Day In Rock 03/07: Madden Woman Beater?- Linkin Park CD in May- Yoko Blocks Lennon Film- Library of Congress Stoned- Big Bopper - Evanescence- Hammerfall- Vital Remains- Nickelback- Mastodon Against Me! Tour- Whining Chiefs- Randy Rhoads- CMJ Music Marathon- Bono- Robert Plant- Crock List- Dead See- Lily Allen-Nas- Vh1 Goes All YouTube- more

Day In Rock 03/06: Britney Suicide Attempt- Fan Killed in Ticket Line- Site Sues Labels- Rock Hall Inductors- Bjork- Police- True Rock Tour- Pantera- Bono- Type O Negative- Maroon 5- Payola Out, Indies In- Glassjaw Ignite- Beastie Boys- Dope- Deadbeat Bobby- Blue Cheer- Velvet Revolver- Gwen Stefoni- Mystery Jets- Korn- Snot- Joseph Israel- Shaw/Blades- more

Day In Rock 03/05: Leto's Face Moshed- Korn Vs Lamb of God- Racism = Jail for R&B Star - Linkin Park- George Michael- Def Leppard, Foreigner and Styx Tour- Van Halen- Placebo- NIN- Social D- Heaven and Hell- King Diamond- Alice Cooper- W.A.S.P.- Lost Equipment Abstract- RIAA Kill Web Radio?- Lordi- Bad Brains- John Mayall- Johnny Cash- Napalm Death- Vital Remains - more

Day In Rock 03/02: Van Halen Replaced- Pearl Jam Palooza- O'Jay Vs O'Jays- NME Monkeys- Ryan Adams- Foxy Brown- White Stripes- Misfits- Live- Hinder- Congress To Ban DRM?- Otep- Gorgasm- Stavesacre- Susperia- Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Ray Price Team Up- Anberlin- The Appearance- Slayer- Eric Quincy Tate- Mortiis- Static-X- more

Day In Rock 03/01: Britney Rehab Blackmail?- Diddy Assault- Jamiroquai Retirement- Darkness TV- Otep Vs Metal- Dark New Korn- Lame is What We Aim For- Prada Killers- Summer Slaughter- Metallica- David Lee Roth- Sick Of It All Hospitalized- Park- Bryan Ferry- Bonnaroo- Beyonce- Buckcherry- Ike Reilly- G.B.H.- Tangerine Dream- Chris Cornell- more

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