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Day In Rock 10/31: Game Arrested- Punk Show Riot- Sex Pistol Vs Simple Plan- Manson Cartoon- NIN Drop Dillion - Sat Night Korn- Skindred Robbed- Ra- Paradise Lost- Chimaira- Against All Authority Robbed- Chaos Funeral- Black Dahlia Murder Drumless- Gorgoroth- Engorge- Beavis & Butthead- Magic Numbers- Bullets and Octane- INXS- Dillinger Smackdown Plan- Sugercult- Vaux Drop Label- more

Day In Rock 10/29: T-Shirt Crime- GNR Release Date- Deadbeat Love- Blur Collapse- Beach Boys FBI- Rock Hall KISS Off- Nobel Bob- Country Crue- Children of Sharonfest- NIN- Sublime- Nonpoint- Moby Goes Punk- Slipknot- 50 Twit- Elton Sitcom- Elvis- Alfie Split- Fest 4- Judas Priest- Capes- DMC- Honorary Title- MySpace Tour- B.B. King Farewell- Alice Halloween- more

Day In Rock 10/27: Singer Missing- DMX Jail- RIAA Vs Students- Police Kill Rap Show- Ashlee No 1- Andrew WK- Ozzyfest DVD- Dimmu Delay- Tupac's Final Interview- Flotsam and Jetsam- Iommi on Dio Collab- J.Lo- Love Dog- Phishy Radio- Bloodsimple- Smashing Tribute- In Flames- Adema Voiceless Again- Who- Nirvana- Dusty Springfield- Simple Plan- Caesare Returns!- Darkness- more

Day In Rock 10/26: 50 Cent Boycott- Kaiser Chief Collapses- David Lee Radio- Country Jovi- Madonna CSI- BIG Tribute- Sleater Kinney Illness- X Tour- Malevolent Creation- Rainbow- Candlemass- Nevermore- NIN- George Lynch- Meshuggah- Cold- Legit P2P- Rentals- Jane's Addiction- SantaMental- As I Lay Dying- Mardo- Green Day- Armor For Sleep- Illbreak- Fenix TX Returns- Radiohead- more

Day In Rock 10/25: Poison Robbed- Bon Jovi Vs Madonna- MP3 Breasts- Linkin Weenies- Kaiser Foo- HIM Masturbation- Alice Cooper TV- Bono Lennon- Spector Defense- Dimefest- Korn- Big Music sues itself- Tarja Speaks Out- Slash Queen Jam- Bleeding Through- Deftones- Sick of It All- Behemoth- Rikets- Ministry- Grateful Dead- mtvU ‹BER- Street Dogs-Killing Joke- Andrew W.K.- more

Day In Rock 10/24: Nugent Vs Osbournes- Cam'ron Shot- My Chemical Brawl- Led Boy Band- Blunt Beats Coldplay- Jacko Leaves US- Guns N Z'nuff- Dio Sabbath- Vanishing Bass- Fear Factory- Green Day- Sick Distortion- Remembering Never- Deicide- Nightwish Voiceless- Shirley Horn RIP- Vomitory- Psyopus- Black Dahlia Murder- NoManZero Vs Chinese Gov- Annihilator- more

Day In Rock 10/21: Van Halen Deny Reality- KISS Protest- Madonna Vs Jews II- Dimebag Murder Motive Questioned- Blink Split Explained- Weezer- Jacko Jury Duty- Beck- Social D- Ozzy- Black Crowes- Rock School Priest- Static-X- Mudvayne- Alkaline Trio- Pearl Jam- Atreyu- Dope- Living Things- Exhumed- Live 8 DVD- Deathcab for MTVu- Bodom TV- Bif Naked- more

Day In Rock 10/20: Rocker Killed- Stupid Fingaz- Bush Bono II- Blur- Coldplay- Britney Bummed- Korny Songs- Van Halen Rock Star II- Rigor Mortis- Ministry Prong- Drowning Pool- Pennywise- Tea Party is Over- iPod Tax- DMB Cruise- Soul Asylum- Fu Manchu- The Academy Is Trolled- McMahon Is Cancer Free- Meshuggah Vs Promotor- Dragonlord- Sevendust- Metal Hockey- more

Day In Rock 10/19: Ghostface Riot- Beyonce Bleached?- Abba Vs Abba- Voodoo Totally Nailed- U2 Springsteen Jam- Bon Jovi- White Stripes on Hold- Trivium on Maiden V Sharon- Roth Tribute- Twisted Yngwie- Soulfly- Oasis Pepsi- Goodwill- Autumn to Ashes- KSE Short Staffed- Black Metal Bible- Rush- High on Fire- Motorhead- Venom- Darkest Hour - 311- more

Day In Rock 10/18: Van Halen Reality TV- Led GNR- Disturbed Illness- Nick Hawkins RIP- Used Xmas- Vadar- David Reilly RIP- Mudvayne/Sevendust Tour- Elliott Smith- Rocky XXXVI- Talking Fatboy Musical- Radiohead- zzy- Macca Vs Yoko- KISS- Slash Hendrix Honor- Def DVD- Enslaved- Hinder Default Dates- My Chemical DVD- Green Carnation- Living Things- Modest Deal- Thrice- more

Day In Rock 10/17: Santana Slams KISS- Slipknot Injury- Prince Surgery- U2 Vs Limbaugh- Baker Knight RIP- Osbourne Piggy- Satanic Pop Star- Foo Queen- Motley Film- A Static Crash- Claypool DVD- Girlfriend Missing- Rollins Remastered- Electric Six- Vehemence Split- DVieD- Petty Honored- Crazy Alanis- Rundgren- Bryan Adams- Buried Inside- Fivespeed- Dillinger Tour Plan- Butch Walker- more

Day In Rock 10/14: Motley Injury- Coke Boy- Strokes Controversy- Haunted Radiohead- MTV = Madonna TV- Flaming Xmas- Clapton Memoirs- Rammstein- Fiddy Vibe- Santana- Look What I Did- PriestFest 06?- Blindside- Wed 13- Gamma Ray- Hagar Bash- CD Pirate Bust- Megadeth- Green Day- Rigor Mortis- Sublime Tribute- Willie Nile- Story Of The Year TV- Lou Reed- more

Day In Rock 10/13: U2 Deny Clinton- Video iPod- Outkast Set Date- Isley Tax Trial- Dead Boys Reunion- Hepatitis Punk Benefit- Motorhead Theft- KISS- Premature Zombie- Dark New Day- COC- Clutch- Curl Up and Die is Dead- Misfits- Payola Don't Pay- In Flames- Mushroomhead- Billy Joel- Band Aid Spoof- Franz Fiona Success- Mest Drop Tour- Jerry Garcia Plays Dylan- Lovedrug- more

Day In Rock 10/12: Eminem Retiring?- Angry Bono- Velvet Lauper- Rare Stradlin- Hard Time for Boy George?- Rod Walk- Jay Z Soccer- Doherty Sued- Sonic Youth - Leppard Aid- Biohazard Split- Dragonlord- Hatebreed- Dog Fashion Drummer- Unearth- Hives- AFI- Kataklysm- Static-X- Motley Sins DVD- Shakira- Rush- Withered Mastodon Support- Ike Reilly- Wacken Tracks- more

Day In Rock 10/11: Yoko Vs Paul- Roth Replaces Stern- Manson Perfume- Britney's Bra- Floyd DVD- Oasis- Beatallica- Eminem- Megadeth - Lemmy Vs Reporter- Izzy & Adler- Gay Manowar- Mute Priest- Death- Furia- Killswitch Engage- National Satanist- Dinosaur Jr- Green Day- R.E.M.- Origin- Drowningman- Opeth- Starwood- Christmas Krall- Johnny Cash- Frank Black- more

Day In Rock 10/10: Jews Vs Madonna- Megadeth Riot- Boy George Coke Bust- Motley Vs J.Crew- Blink Film- Asian Rap- Pixies- Guided By Voices- Jacko Falls- Tsunami Bomb Split- Country Dimebag Tribute- Audioslave- Byzantine- Ratt- Hatebreed- Pearl Plant- Say Anything- Bad Film- Vomitory- Opeth Visa Trouble- Hims- Green Day- Blunt Preview- SYL- TNT- more

Day In Rock 10/07: Stones Bomb Scare?- Osbourne in Space- Snoop Korn- Jack Lesberg RIP- Green Day- Paddingtons Injury- More Jovi- Vampire Lezbos- Face To Face- A Perfect Head- Randy Rhoads Tribute- Infected Mallcore- Arch Enemy- RIAA Vs Teen- Most Precious Blood- Poison The Well- Dropkick Hawk- Norther- Mother Hips- Rap Dear- Fogerty- Burton Bell- Wylde Hits- Doro- more

Day In Rock 10/06: Ashlee SNL II- Drunk Halen- Danzig Slams Ozzfest- RIAA Vs Innocents?- Wyclef Sitcom- U2 Late Night- Eminem- John Lennon- Mike Gibbins RIP- Morrissey- Lemmy IS God- Aeropoll- Testament Pull Tour- Atheist Reunion?- Aborted Suffocation- Chimaira- Papa Roach- Vadar- Del Cielo- Rotten Timberlake- Akercocke- Gorillaz- Burst- Five.Bolt.Main- Zappa- Underoath- Anthrax- more

Day In Rock 10/05: Lohan Hospitalized- Harry Potter Vs Band- Britney's Bra- Cheap Trick- INXS- Streetlight Manifesto Robbed- Sex Thief- Tool- Nine Inch Freese- Testament- Opeth- Lemmy Doll- Fates Warning- Stevie Wonder- McCartney Vs Potheads- Timberlake Buys Sun?- Champion- Labels vs Microsoft- Walls Of Jericho- Scarlet- Yngwie- James Blunt- Fiona Apple- Bif Naked- more

Day In Rock 10/04: Naked Lohan- BBC Vs Nirvana- 11 Concert Deaths- Ozzy Nazi- David Lee Roth Tour- Gigantour DVD- Deftones- RIAA Sued Back- Dio Axe Injury- Boysetsfire- Fall Brawl Dates- NOFX- Dropkick Murphy Hospitalized - Nightrage Nix Tour- Britney Auction- Idol Sitcom- Fugees- Sevendust- Stone Temple Filter- Nonpoint- Podcast For Jesus- Big Dume With Dick- MÍlťe- more

Day In Rock 10/03: Cops Vs Rush- Reggay Bashing Trial- Pearl KISS Jam- Disturbed- Eyehategod Arrest- Vocalist Killed in Hurricane- Enya Stalker- Doherty Arrested- Propagandhi- Blur- Gov't Mule- Sepultura- Dead Kennedys- Vadar- Jello Melvins Tour- Kittie Border Rejects- Emperor- AHC- Sevendust- Primordial- As I Lay Dying- Mest- Thrice- Maiden Tribute- Reel Big Fish Hospitalized- more

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