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Dillinger Injury Plan

Audioslave / Seether Tour

Suge Shot

Axl Blames ASCAP

Hit Blink-182

EvanLohance: The Next Sonny & Cher

Six Feet Under Box

45 Grave Return

Losa Jacknifed!

Tribuzy & 10 Fold B-Low Releases

Metal Blade CMJ

Madonna Hospitalized After Fall

Pearl Jam Digital

Vivian Campbell Solo CD

Yankee Anthrax

Ozzy Drops Zakk?

DJ Marshall Crenshaw

Savage Garden Greatest Hits?

Steve Winwood Tour

Do You Want Franz?

Rock Star: The Album

American Suffocation

Les Paul and Friends

Liz Phair Tour

Social Mest

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Anthrax, Anthrax, Anthrax, Anthrax

Polyphonic Thumbsucker

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Punk: Attitude DVD

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Penn and Oldham

Who Needs Steve?

Gathering DVD

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Fenix TX Reunite

Fiona Apple Returns

Doves Hit The Road

Ink Not Mink

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Earth, Wind & Fire Illumination

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What Killed Rock?

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Ozomatli CD/DVD

MCR Vs Linkin Park / Jay-Z

Stooges Reissues

Warren Zevon Tribute

Kaura Head East, Far East

Stampin’ Ground UK

Arch Enemy UK

Tribute To The Beatles’ Rubber Soul

Clubbing Silverstein

Day In Rock 8/31: Poison Porn- Britney Vs Tween- Journey Surgery- McFly Who- Garfunkel Busted- Guided By Voices- KMFDM- U2- Sharon Vs Maiden Pt...- Nugent Vs Bears- Great White- Myspace Records- Collective Soul- Tool- Dillinger Injury Plan- Audioslave- Circa Survive- Mad Enemy- Randy- Motley Exies- Suidakra- Story of the Year- At All Cost- Twisted Pinkburst- more

Day In Rock 8/30: Rotten Bashes Bono & Geldof- Metallica Quartet- Fear The Weezer!- Diddy Sued- Doherty Brawl- Cheap Stones-McCready Jailed- RIP Piggy- Pearl Jam - Buzzcocks- Emery- Nevermore- Dimebag Tribute- Rhapsody- iTunes Vs Labels- Coldplay- Himsa- Big D and the Kids Table- Opeth- Steve Winwood- Do You Want Franz?- Lamb Into Gold- more

Day In Rock 8/29: Suge Shot- New Poison Arrest- Green Day for VMAs- Eminem Sued Over Crash- Garbage Split?- Axl Blames ASCAP- Fear Factory- Fuel- Dickinson Blames Sharon- Glassjaw- Project 86- Label Vs RIAA- Underoath- Hit Blink-182- EvanLohance- Marshall Crenshaw- Byzantine- Meshuggah- Solo Ripper- Motley Journey- Suffocation- Goo Goo Dolls- Trapt- more

Day In Rock 8/26: Rap Crash- Kasabian Vs Franz- What's that Smell?- "Stevo" Jensen RIP- Talking Box- Judas Anthrax- Green Day-Punk Rock Is Dead- AHC Ripped Off- Motley Pepper?- Aerosantana- Thunderpussy Dates- Behemoth- Vader Say Goodbye- Coke for Jack- Helmet- bloodsimple- Autopilot Off Hiatus - Machine Head- Black Dahlia Murder- Red Chord- Winter Solstice- Losa- Slipknot- more

Day In Rock 8/25: Punk Embassy Incident- Snoop Board- Avril for Breakfast- Hoobastank- Strokes- Timberlake Rags- Voivod Illness- Ozzy To Butcher Lennon Again- Staley Benefit- Paradise Delayed- Oasis- Cold- Les Claypool- OLPod- iLabel- Osbournes Plot- COC Disturbed- Anthrax- Pearl Jam Digital- BYD Deny Maiden Incident- Vivian Campbell- Bobaflex- more

Day In Rock 8/24: Pop Coke Dealer?- Foo Radio 'F' Bomb- Great White Fire Trial- Jacko Witness Fraud- Smoking Popes Reunite- 3 Creed Down- Bach 86ed- C.C.: "I'm Innocent"- Coldplay- Kaiser Chiefs- Norma Jean- Biscuit Turner RIP- My Morning Skynyrd- Hot Water Alkaline- Propagandhi- Dimebag Toast- Maiden Strike Back- Converge- Ramones- Death Cab for MTV- more

Day In Rock 8/23: Slash Sues Axl- C.C. DeVille Arrested- Idol Surgery- Rotten Hits- Hunter Goes Out With A Bang!- Robert Moog RIP- Radiohead- Gang of Four- Fiddy Sues- Puddle Of Mudd Split- 40 Below Finale- Deftones- Most Precious Ban- All Out War- Anthrax- Polyphonic Thumbsucker- Relive US 83- Punk: Attitude- Grimfest- 1349- Fear Factory- Secret Wallflowers Gig- more

Day In Rock 8/22: Sharon Vs Maiden- Gwen Boycotts MTV- QOTSA Accident- Love in Rehab- Rammstein- Venom Box- 311 Fan Injury- Testament- Clutch- Audioslave- Solo Stapp- Ryan Leaves Distillers- INXS- Garth- Locobazooka- Vadar Death- Paria- Ed Gein / Animosity Tour- Join Into The Moat- Mike Park- Final Sentenced- Ike Reilly- more

Day In Rock 8/19: Eminem in Rehab- Gay Boyband- Snoop Vs Parents- Unreleased Dimebag- Santana Sued - Hellfest Alternative- Ave of Who?- Jacko Fined- New Doors- Morrissey- Coheed Reissue- Real Cause of Drug Abuse!- Prom Kings- KISS- Susperia- Liz Phair- Social Mest- Trapt- HIM / Finch / Skindred Dates- more

Day In Rock 8/18: Eminem Ill?- Slipknot Vs Burger King- Band Killed in Van Crash- Esther Wong RIP- QOTSA Surgery- Hellfest Goes To Hell- Manson- Metallica Idol- Ozzfest Scrap Another Date- Phil Lynott- Punk Slayer- Transplants- f Hope Dies- Radiohead Free Agents- Staind No 1- Crisis Tribute Dimebag- Green Day?- Anthrax- Franz- Ben Folds- more

Day In Rock 8/17: Axl Vs Guns- Ozzfest Pedophile- P.Silly- Who Tour- Metallica- Lil Mo Vs Ja Rule- Ebolie Gets Hobo- Throwrag- PsyOpus Member MIA- DVD of Filth- Anselmo- Dimmu Bonus- Maiden Exclusive - Fiddy Cold VMA Play- My Morning Jacket- Rush- Contra- The Fight Stranded- Story of the Year- Blindside- Doves- ETID- Fear Factory - more

Day In Rock 8/16: Rapper Vs IRS- Green Day Illness- RIAA Sued By Mom- Usher Retiring?- Bauhaus Tour- Exodus- Nebula-Motorhall- Six Feet Under- Fenix TX- Fiona Apple- Lennon Python?- OLP- Cream - Doherty Drug Bust- Damned- McCartney Chaos- Rob Thomas- Mardo - Tommy Lee TV- Adolescents - The 88- more

Day In Rock 8/15: Ozzy Retiring- Bizkit Death Suit- Abdul Cleared- Oasis Confusion- Asia- Carlo Little RIP- Blue October- Bush - Evanescence Refund- Babyshambles Bust- Beatles- Green Day NFL-Hellfest- Zombie- Sasso Bullet Theory- Ashlee Still A Joke- RIAA Vs CDRs- Stretch Arm Strong - Free Vaux- Haunted- Maiden- Hate Eternal Nix Tour - Death Cab Tour - more

Day In Rock 8/12: Van Halen Vs Orioles- Jessi Jeans- Coheed Premier- Rollins Bullsh--- Lohan Vs Father- Love's Dirty Test- Anti-Flag- Solo Posie- Madness- Ryan Adams- Al Green- Leno Latrine- Gwen Rags- Gwar, Devildriver, A Dozen Furies tour- Megaflop- Wylde Zombie- Judas Anthrax- Dark Funeral- Dictators- Audioslave- Fat Tour- Meshuggah- Social D- Taste of Chaos- Clapton- Eminem, U2 DVDs- more

Day In Rock 8/11: Snoop Rape Update- Love Warrants- CBGB Victory- Coldplay Snub Blair- Jackogate- Snow Patrol - Dead Melvins- Madonna Outkast- Dream Theater- Staind- Ozzfest Skips Utah- Voivod- Black Flag- Maiden Walk- The Fall- Porcupine Tree- Bear Vs Flames- Every Time I Die- Crowbreed- Used Queen- Stone Temple Filter- Beautiful Creatures- Stratovarius- Ill Nino- More Foo- more

Day In Rock 8/10: Metal Britney- G Unit Arrests- Jacko Jury Tampering?- Wacken Fan Death- Doherty TV- Beck- Exodus- Dimmu Deal- SOAD- Judas Anthrax- Purple TV- A Dozen Furies- Sorum Too Sore- Our Lady Peace- Live- 311- Billy Idol- Radiohead- QOTSA- Scars Of Tomorrow- Ozzfest Delay- Ride for Dime- Red Chord- Soulfly Throwdown- Black Label Society- Unearth- God Forbid- more

Day In Rock 8/09: Grammy Winner Shot- Feds Vs Labels- KISS Condom Honor- Heavy Love- Top Tours- DMX Charged- Kaiser Chiefs Retiring- P.Diddy Vs Girlfriend- Prodigy- Coheed Tracks- Shinedown- Kill Your Idols- Strapping Young Gwar- ELO- Duran Duran- Stutterfly- Soulfly- H2O Replace Glassjaw- Rhinobucket Rejected- Tori Boots- Jacknife- Tommy Lee- Manntis- more

Day In Rock 8/08: Britney Paparazzo Shot- Guilty Jacko?- Maiden Face Plant- Suge Fined- Killer Wedding- Ibrahim Ferrer RIP- Cure- Children of Poison- Slipknot Tour- Hair Metal Anthems- Mastodon- Buckcherry- Nickelback Tribute Dimebag- Mellowdrone- Oasis Crackheads- He Is Legend- Chimaira- Glassjaw- 80s Charlotte- Dream Evil Split- Shadows Fall / Fear Factory Tour?- Samhain- Pixies- more

Day In Rock 8/05: Beatle Vs J.Lo- Def Lep Brawl- Britney Wonka- Elton Slams Live 8- Ryan Adams- Hermano- NIN - Megaflop- Ozzfest Postponement- Motley Illness- Mudhoney- Little Milton Campbell RIP- Nickelback- Linkin Solo- Fiddy Movie- Sworn Enemy- Boysetsfire- Promise Ring Reunite- Vader- Ozzy Roast- Pixies- Extreme Music Fest- ELP- Ozomatli- MCR Vs Linkin Park- Staind- Faith No More- more

Day In Rock 8/04: Velvet Revolver Injury- Suicidal Cold- Axl DVD- Ozzy Tell All- SOAD- Flotsam and Jetsam- 311- Mortiis- AIC Tribute- Etheridge Cancer Free- Air Guitar Ph.D.- Sleater-Kinney- VMA Killers- Prong Overkill- Bleeding Through- Post Blink- Misfits- Clutch- Def Otep- Wonderlove - Proclaimers- My Ruin- Fall- Murphy’s Law- Fear Factory- more

Day In Rock 8/03: Broken Idol- Eminem Dropped- Black Dahlia Arrest- Bloc Brawl- Atreyu- Al Aronowitz RIP- Ministry- Deicide- Holy Terror- New Doors?- Live 8 Profits- Bangladesh DVD- Sabbath- Rolling Metallica- Sepultura- HIM /Finch Dates- SOAD Canada- Drowningman- Rammstein Injury- Mushroomhead- Radio Boycott- Zakk's Dimebag Tribute- Peta Arm Strong- Dylan iTribute- more

Day In Rock 8/02: GNR Semi Reunion- J.Lo pregnant?- U2 in Space- Santana- Chimaira- Megachrist- Blackfoot- Clive Burr Benefit- King's X- Chevelle- Kimmel Gets Stoned- 50 Cent- UK Follows RIAA Lead- Franz Rename CD- UK Sickness- MCR- Deftones- Andrew WK- Green Day Drop Indie- Impaled- Free SOiL- Kaura- Stampin’ Ground- Arch Enemy- Beatles Tribute- Silverstein- more

Day In Rock 8/01: Metal Pedophile- Gay Hendrix- Jacko Flops- Hair Disasters- Mars Volta- Sick Ozzy- Motley PR Stunt- Dead Box- Maiden Vs US Fans- Green Day Movie- Madball- Demon Hunter- Local H - Queensrhino- Slayer Brothers- Opeth Illness- P.O.Delay- Coheed And dredg- Boy Sets Fire- X Rated Punks- 3 Inches of Drums- Cold- PM5K- Stooges Reissues- Warren Zevon Tribute- more

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