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Oasis DualDisc - Add Dates

Darkest Hour Complete CD

Blue Van Support Hot Hot Heat

DMX Arrested After Three Car Accident

Judas Priest Announce Tour

Britney Confirms Pregnancy

Bush's iPod Playlist

SOAD Tracks

Jesus Records

New U2 Album in 2006?

More Priest Dates

A Tortured Soul: Layne Staley

Britney Reality Series For UPN

Sahara Tops Box Office

Megafest: Megadeth, Dream Theater, DEP and more

Mudvayne Ozzfest

Bizkit Wedding? - April Fools

Head Recruited by Feds - April Fools

50 Cent Enters Politics - April Fools

KISS Burger - April Fools

Ambassador Love?< - April Fools/a>

MC Hater Announces Wholly Crap CD - April Fools

Stern/Sharpton To Head FCC - April Fools

Ray Stalker - April Fools

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Star Wars TV- Turks Vs Arnold- Seacrest Bombs- LSD TV- Simpsons- 'Land Of The Lost' Ideas- 2nd Benifer?- Hanoi Jane Attacked- Sitcomes or S**tcoms- more -more

Paris Drops Nicole- Satan Good For NBC- Jenna's Reality Lawsuit- Jacko Beatles Sale- Wedding Singer on Broadway- CHiPs Rehash -more

Apprentice Arrested- Lego Star Wars- The End of the World Wed- Soap Beats Royals- Mars Lives On- Xbox Previews -more

Star Wars 3-D- CBS Traitor?- Shatner Bumped- Health Nazis Strike Again- Sahara Tops Box Office- Siegfried Shooter Nuts - more

Day In Rock 4/29: Idol Bo Drug Busts- Motley Transvestite- Zakk Wylde Fight- Osbourne Knock Out- Coldplay Tour- Iran Metal- Deftones- Slayer- Saxon- Perry Farrell- Madball- Riot- Coheed And September- Seether- COC- Sick of Fat Wreck- Ozzfest Mystery- P2P Jail- Amen Illness- Staind- Taproot- Memphis Bleek Arrested- Gwen Beats 50 Cent- GFR Murder Conviction- Bob Mould- Arch Enemy- MC5 DVD- more

Day In Rock 4/28: Peta Slams Kelly O- Abdul to Sue?- Oasis Vs Franz- Mars System Tour- Velvet Ozzfest- Santana Sued- Rob Goes No 1- QOTSA Porn- Jacko's Ex Shocks DA- Constantine Offed- Roots- McCartney- Bodom Release- KISS Win 7 Mil- Unholy Ghost- Status Quo- Pink Korn- Solo Darkness- Downset- Lamb Delay- Funeral Tracks- New Hate Coming- Audioslave Tease- BSOJC- more

Day In Rock 4/27: Rap Fights DVDs- Van Halen Split?- Jacko Kidnap Plot- OutKast Musical- UMG Racketeering- Audioslave- Anti-Flag RCA- Pearl Jam - Gotti Trial Update- Frank Black Love- Megadeth in Israel- Beatallica- AHC Temp Axe- Vinnie Paul- Anthrax- Avenged Sevenfold- Throwdown- Kings of Vedder- Nick Cave - Corgan UK- NIN CD Stream- A Perfect Murder- Rick Lewis RIP- Transplants- more

Day In Rock 4/26: Lennon Vs Punk- The Game Sued- Ozzy Drugged Sharon- Elton To Wed- Aerosmith Rags- Idol Dirt- In Flames Ozzfest Bump- Crisis- Iommi- Testament- Jammys- Mary Travers Cancer- Fischerspooner Tour- Def Regis- COC/Crowbar Dates- Fear Factory Recording- Coldplay Club Shows- Breaking Benjamin- Transplants- Cursive- Doves Cancel Dates- Cream - Weezer- Nine Inch Nails- more

Day In Rock 4/25: Bono Vs Canada- Lohan Robbed- Slipknot Illness- Jacko Ex To Testify- Darkness- AHC Carry On- Esquire Vs Metalheads- Weezer Scalping- Mariah For Kids- Lollapalooza- Allmans Summer- Too Much Cherry Pie- Hammerfall Upset Swiss- Rush- Kasabian Injury- Green Franz- Dredg- Home Grown- HIMSA Tour- Off-Fest?- Radiohead Leak- Setzer- Idol Rocker Deal- Modest Camper- more

Day In Rock 4/22: GNR Scam- Idol Sex- Gay Beatle?- Jacko Witness Bust- Deep Purple- MP3 Jail- Rush Plea- Motley CD Plans- SYL- Offspring- Obituary- Kinks- Patti Smith- Who- Porcupine Tree- Agnostic Front- Mudvayne- Hellfest- Lamb of God- Madonna Sued- J.lo Celeb Self Help Book- Franz Preview- Mobile iTunes- Coldplay- OKGo- Rufio- more

Day In Rock 4/21: Slayer Murder- Culkin To Testify?- More Tupac- AHC Death Cause- Def Pistols- New Order- Cash Box- Halford- Kelly To Assault London- Whitesnake- Mudvayne Beats 50 Cent- Rush Charge Reduced- Iommi/Hughes Tour- From Autumn To Ashes- Gigantour 2nd Stagers- Early Strummer- Jacko Prisoner?-Paria- Symphorce- Daysend- Weezer Listening Parties- more

Day In Rock 4/20: AHC Death?- Concert Brawl- Darkness Injury- Free Bizkit- 50 Cent Beat- Rare Beatles- Piracy Bill Passes- Sting U- DMB Island- Greens Vs iPods- Tom Waits- Blue Van- Slayer- Stratovarius- Danny Wilder RIP- M.O.D. Tour- Onslaught- Motley DVD- Oasis Leak- Stretch Arm Strong- Otep- Idol Warped- QOTSA- Nashville Poison- Joe Perry- Bush Terrorist?- Crossfade Seether- more

Day In Rock 4/19: Wahlberg Vs Eminem- Avril Actress?- 50 Cent Ban- Usher Robbed- Gotti Murder Probe- Aiken Snivels On Dr Phil- Diddy Dud- Ramones Bluegrass- Hellacopters- Radiohead - Darkness TV- McCartney- Vinnie Paul- Spiritual Beggars- Panzerchrist- Ozzy Leaving US- My Dying Bride- Napalm Death- Maiden Doll- Skinless- La's Join Glasto- Libertine Reunion- Armor For Sleep Attack- more

Day In Rock 4/18: DMX Arrested- Snoop's Harvard Dis- Em Suit Tossed- KISS Coke- 50 Cent - Santana- Cave In- Deep Purple- Dickinson- Crowbar Nix Tour- SOAD On SNL- Bozzio Fantomas- Martyr AD Split- Van Theft- Doherty Gigalo- Gorerotted- Black Dahlia Murder- Jacko Lawyer Vs. Witness- Coldplayer- Radiohead Infuriates Matthews- Korn/Game Duo- Soilent Green- Sabbath & BLS Tour- more

Day In Rock 4/15: Kelly Vs Ozzfest- Bizkit Reality TV- Green Day Ban- Backstreet DUI- D'Angelo Guilty- Jacko Wacko?- Britney TV- Diddy Sell Off- Junior Delgado RIP- Outkast, Parks Settle- Axl Went Nuts- Nugent Godsmack?- Mustaine Vs Lars- Perry Solo Gig- No Halen/Aerosmith Tour- Shadows Fall- Blind Guardian- Shinedown- Audioslave- Biohazard- Linkin Solo CD- Edwyn Collins- more

Day In Rock 4/14: GNR in Nov?- Drunk Idol- Durst Satanist- Prior Attack By Dimebag Killer- Jacko Accuser's Mom Takes 5th- Johnnie Johnson RIP- Baby Britney- Bobby Brown Skips Court- Rasta Ozzy- Nevermore- F**K Esquire- Metal Passover- Strata Injury- Martyr AD- Bear Vs Shark- Candiria Win $29 Mil- Flotsam and Jetsam- Robert Cray- Aimee Mann- Metallica- Pixies Tour!- more

Day In Rock 4/13: Britney Pregnant - Da Brat Brawl- Plant Vs Page- U2 TV- Jacko Bribe- RIAA Vs Students- 3 Doors Staind- Dylan- Foxy Brown Pleads- Rush- Scott Gottlieb RIP- Arvil Covers Idiot- Megafest- Steel Prophet- Whitesnake Split- Hammerfall / Edguy Tour- AC/DC Bluegrass- Crowbar- Weezer Tracks- Bizkit Tracks- BPI Vs Downloaders- The Fix Is In- QOTSA- Mudvayne- Rare Lennon- more

Day In Rock 4/12: Guitar Murder- GNR Leak- 50 Cent Vs Everyone- KISS TV- Depeche Mode- Weezer- Rock For Tots- Andy Fraser RIP- Drowning Pool- Glastonbury Lineup- Navarro Honored- Kyuss- Suicidal Explanation- Guns Vs Riley- Alter Bridge Crash- Iommi- Mastodon- Leeds Sell Out- Post Glassjaw- White Stripes Satan- Unwritten Law Lose Rob- Sevendust Complete CD- more

Day In Rock 4/11: Rush Vs Police- Jesus Records- Ozzfest Mystery- Darkness Vs Brits- Lollapalooza Sell Out- Trivium- Cold- Chimaira- Dropkick Yankees- Chemistry- Rufio- SOAD Tracks- Rock School- Motley Denial- AC/DC Finishing CD- Shadows Fall- Rocker Shocker- Franz Snoop?- Post Libertines- Auf Der More- diddy Child Support- Jacko Touched Culkin?- Cobain Honor- Elton Broke?- U2- more

Day In Rock 4/08: Jacko Sex Witnessed- Tool Hoax- Spitzer Vs WBR- J.Lo No Mo- Finch- Jamie Foxx- Meeks TV- Finn's Halt Tour- Eurodeth- Devildriver- All That Remains- AKAs- Avenged Sevenfold- Classical Joe & Todd- SFU Chat- Aparo Dates- Misery Index Booted- Mastodon- Rush Trial Set- Haunted- Metallica VH1- Lemmy- Melvins- Sublime Tribute- Elton Praises Eminem- Pearl Benefit Jam- more

Day In Rock 4/07: Osbourne Cancer- Green Day Ban- Stern Vs Viacom- NAACP Back C Murder- Weiland Clean Slate- Bono Vs AIDS- 50 Beats Beck- Clutch- dredg-Post Spineshank- Korn - Bravery Vs Killers Pt 2- Plourde- Vegas Rainbow- Plant Tour- Hunter's Big Send Off- Kataklysm- Velvet Leno- More Carling Acts- MTV Broadband- QOTSA Less One- Mars Volta Party- 3 Doors Platinum- more

Day In Rock 4/06: Jello Vs Idol- Britney TV- Jesus Tool- Jacko Shower- Suicidal Illness?- Dimebag Sculpture- C Murder No More- Napalm Death Toy- Used/MCR - Green Day- Ripper Solo- Anthrax DVD- Nugent Appeal- Terror- Dropkick Murphys- Megafest- Nirvana Joins Congress- Napster TV- Radio Crime- Vh1 Boss- KISS- Chevelle- Mudvayne Ozzfest- Wakefield- more

Day In Rock 4/05: U2 Vs Pirates- Jacko Payoff- Christian Tool- Layne & Kurt- Angry Rap Tour- Coldplay- Idol Crash- Barry Stern RIP- Die Timberlake- AC/DC Burger- Mike Starr Arrest- Juliana Theory- Moby- Bizkit Set Release- Post Blink- System of a Down- Greatest Guitar Recordings of All Time- Geezer- Chevelle- Reel Big News- Adema From Kuwait- Junos- Strhess dates- more

Day In Rock 4/04: Boyband Mayor?- Idol Arrest- Kanye Fight- Velvet Ozzfest- Neil Young Brain Surgery- Ozzy Curse- Anthrax- Bono Honors Pope- Eyehategod- Early Strummer- Spinal Tap- Beyond The Embrace- DEP DVD- Joplin Reality TV- Jack Keller RIP- Mellencamp Fogerty Tour- ODB- White Stripes- Jacko Mistrial Request- B.I.G. Movie- Bass Wolf Dies- anti Turns 7- Big Machine- more

Day In Rock 4/01: GNR Leak- Parents Vs MTV- Linkin Solo- Whitney Rahab Order- Derrick Plourde RIP- Strokes- Green Day- Avril- Stones Tour?- Ted Wins- Sharon's Driver Sued- No Anthrax For Megadeth- Kittie Flee- Audioslave Beat Green Day- Corgan Solo- dredge- Eagles of Death Metal Lineup- Blood Brothers- Kelly Ozzfest?- Take Action Tour Record Year!- Legacy- Marillion DVD- Scary Dates- more

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