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Green Day Lands at No. 1 With 'American Idiot'

Camcording Movies May Become A Felony

Phil Spector Indicted For Murder, Compares DA to Hitler

"Terminator 4" Going Forward, But With Ah-nold Take Part?

Conan Will Replace Leno on The Tonight Show

Hendrix Brother Loses Court Ruling Over Estate

The Forgotten Wins The Box Office

Britney Spears Wedding Hoax?

CBS Hit With $550K Fine for Janet Jackson Breast Stunt

Macaulay Culkin Busted For Drugs

Porn Makers Hit With Condom Fine

Johnny Ramone Statement From Marky Ramone

Oprah Surprises Audience With Free Cars

Usher Leads American Music Award Nominations

Megadeth Fall Tour Plans

Deftones U.S. Tour

Chimaira Plot Behind the Scenes DVD with Bonus EP

Franz Ferdinand Win Mercury Music Prize

Slayer Announce Jagermeister Music Tour Dates

Godsmack Movie in Theatres One Night Only

Zeta-Jones Kidnap Attempt Controversy

Abortion Film Wins Top Honor At Venice Film Festival

The Used Announce Tour

Microsoft Takes Aim at iTunes Market

Kobe Off The Hook, DA Reportedly Drop Charges

Charlize Theron Injured on Film Set

Libertine Pete Doherty Gets Suspended Sentence

Morrissey Announces U.S. Tour

Day In Rock 9/30: Vandals Vs Mag- P2P Jail- Celebrity Big Brother- Libertine Angers Fans- Doors Trial Over- Rod Not Ozzy- Audioslave Ponder Direction- Purple Russian- Metal Church- COF Sued- 3 Inches of Blood Lose Guitarists- Pixies- Green Day- Scott Muni RIP- Soil Move On- Blindside Heist- Primus DVD- Metallica Expands Tour- Neil Young- Coldplay Admits Coldcock- Godsmack- more

Day In Rock 9/29: Ozzy Vs Sharon- Alanis Bombed Out- Dimebag Clothing- Velvet Revolver- Barenaked TV- U2 Tracks- Oasis Wants Ringo- Kid Rock No Show- Misfits- Brian Johnson to Rock antiMUSIC- Underoath- Arch Enemy- Vaux- Sevendust- Lamb of God Karaoke- 12 Stones + Megadeth- BMRC- Nickelodeon Records- AKAs- Chronic Roach Tour- Green Day- Weezer- Siouxsie Tantrum- more

Day In Rock 9/28: Avril Sponge Bob- Phil Spector Indicted- Ringo Vs Royals- AC/DC Lane Debut- In Flames- Cliff Burton- Medical Crisis- Slayer Silenced- Saves The Day- Manson Tour- Full Blown Chaos- Tommy Lee- Costello Anti-FBI Warning- Senate Ponders P2P Bill- Tom Waits- Good Charlotte Toys- Dead Milkmen Reunite- Cure Reissue- Gibb Tribute- Flaming Lips- Anthrax- Blood Brothers- more

Day In Rock 9/27: Bootleg Law Axed- Manson Injury- Damageplan Vs Cold- Queens of the Horn Age?- Slipknot Toothache- Fights Kill Unearth Show- AC/DC- Rotten TV Bugs- Electric Six- Love Tour- Green Day- Jacko 101- Hendrix- The Cure- Snapcase- Slayer- Melvins- Project 86 Theft- Offspring- Hammerfall- Metallica- Brand New Sin- Franz Sell Out- Megadeth- Hung Xmas- Velvet Revolver Tour- more

Day In Rock 9/24: Islamists Vs Iraqi Band- Manson Farwell- New Fugees CD?- Priest CD Delay- OutKast Legal Battle- REM- Snow Patrol- Lostprophets- Reggae Ban UK- Lil Kim Guard Sentenced- Elton Vs Pigs- Jacko Assistant Raided- Cat Stevens- A Perfect Lennon- Endo- Darkest Hour- JEW Dates- Metallica- Amen Lose Another- Vader Drop Tour- Franz Deadbeat- Oasis Set Date- more

Day In Rock 9/23: Jacko Denies Kiddie Porn- Lennon Killer Up For Parole- Nipplegate Fines- Stapps Hopes For Reunion- Ozzy Gagged For Charity- Zetro Explains Exodus- Rage- Megadeth- New Found Journey- Green Day Movie- Robert Downey Pop Star?- Kreator- Cannibal Corpse- Elliott Smith- Street Dogs- Labels Making A Killing From Downloads- Coheed And Cambria- Himsa- Sparta- more

Day In Rock 9/22: Cat Stevens A Terrorist?- Metallica Vs Megadeth- New Van Halen CD?- Ramones Benefit- Good Charlotte, Sum 41 Tour- Ben Harper- Machine Head DVD- Deftones- Townshend TV- Get Into Avril's Top- They Might Be Going Disney- Lemonheads Return- Shadows Fall, Damageplan Tour- Spicoli Does Dylan- Beastie Boys- Chris Martin Bald- Kittie- Bad Religion- more

Day In Rock 9/21: The Streets Banned- Govenator Vs P2P- Morrissey Fan Sue KROQ?- Shortlist Finalist- Massive Attack- Shatner- Television Reunion- The OC Double- Iced Earth On Ice- Cradle of Filth T-shirt Uproar - DJ Spooky, Slayer Collab- Mock The Vote- Shadows Fall- Iron Maiden DVD- Velvet Revolver Fire Managers- The Cure- Fugees Reunion- Billy Joel- Ramones Raw DVD- more

Day In Rock 9/20: Britney Marries Again- Slipknot Death Hoax, Priest Killing Metalhead Won't Stand Trial- Manson Equates Columbine & Iraq- Soil Lose Singer- Jello & Ministry- Cave In & Converge Collab- In Flames Vs Fansite- Metallica Eye 05 Release- Morrissey Illness- Lost Hendrix Recording Found- Dark Tranquillity- Type O' Negative- Exodus- Dan Rather AC/DC Single- more

Day In Rock 9/17: What Killed Rick James- Velvet Revolver Deny Ban- Extreme Reunion- Cold - Sparta Tour- Danzig Tour Dead- Black Dahlia Murder - George Michael Stalker- Ray Charles Tribute- Marky On Johnny Ramone- Anthrax Dio Dates- Juliana Theory- SOAD- Apex Theory- Green Day- Strokes Kill Live CD- Elvis is Back- Oasis- Avril- W.A.S.P.- Fu Mancu- Motograter- more

Day In Rock 9/16: Johnny Ramone RIP- Stapp Sued- Top Rock Deaths- DK Punk Hendrix- Beck Delay- Phish DVD- Sum Avril Wedding Rumor- Amen Lose Guitarist- Pearl Jam Fake Busted- Thom Yorke, REM Jam- Busted Vs Cowell- Elton Goes Postal- Slipknot- Fear Factory- Dylan- Metallica- Telsa & Scorpions Tour- Something Corporate- more

Day In Rock 9/15: Velvet Revolver Banned- Green Day Leak- U2 Batman Theme- Van Halen- MP3s Killing Music- Novoselic & Rollins Politics- Verve- Breaking Benjamin Fire Drummer- Chevelle- Helmet- Gene on Third Watch- Mushroomhead- Auf H.I.M. Magnet- BRMC- (hed) restart- Static Lullaby- At The Drive-In Reissues- Chino's Side Band- Nightwish- Limp Bizkit- Avril- Switchfoot- Superjoint DVD- more

Day In Rock 9/14: U2 Lead Rock Hall Noms- 50 Cent Fan Assault- Simon Sued By Idol Boss- Ike Reilly- KMFDM- Fest Ticket Probe- Tina Turner- Prodigy Vs. Madonna & Beastie Boys- Marky Leave Adema- Poison The Well Lose Guitarist- Apartment 26 Split- Death Angel- Hopesfall- Wilco- Costello DVD- Maiden Orchestra- Lacuna Coil- Ramones- Sixx- Children of Bodom- Exodus Bitter Split- more

Day In Rock 9/13: Apple Vs Beatles- Ernie Ball RIP- Punk X-mas- GNR CD in 05- Bastards of Metal Tour- Jackass of Hazzard- Dio's Bizarre Gardening Accident- Life of Agony- Headbangers Ball Tour- Mushroomhead- Cave In- Homme Exits Eagles- De La Rocha MP3- Midtown Team With Anti-Flag- Megadeth Snatch Iced Earth Bassist- Pixies- Tom Waits Sells Out- Tragically Hip- more

Day In Rock 9/10: P.diddy Sued- Suicide Bomber Show Off- Franz Groupie Ban- A Perfect Bizkit- Mars Volta- Jacko In The Box- Wilco- Lennon Unplugged- Megadeth- Chimaira- FBI Probe RI Club Fire- Deftones- Queen Rock Walk- Velvet Revolver Cafe?- Gwen Solo- AC/DC- $2 Killers- Blink- Strummer- Plant Lead Tribute- Lemmy Hurt, Motorhead Cancel Tour- Top 20 Rock Deaths- more

Day In Rock 9/09: Ozzy Wins GQ Award- Jet Diss Britney- 50 Cent USO?- Maiden- Elliott Smith- Lamb of God Helping Kill Nu-metal?- Scorpions Vs. Islamic Fundamentalist- Ash Unplugged- Tiger Army- MxPx- Type O Negative- Circle Jerks- Dimmu Borgir DVD- Mobo Drop Anti Gay Groups- Bridge Benefit- Ray Charles- Pixies- Stray Cats- Skynyrd- Green Day CDRs- more

Day In Rock 9/08: Twista Injured in Fatal Crash- ill nino & Soulfly Brawl- Hendrix Guitar Stolen- Sum 41 Go Hollywood- Stones- U2- Def Leppard- Kittie, Otep, Crisis Tour- Rare Verve- Auf Der Bondies- Trapt- TSOL- Trail of Dead- Internation Noise Conspiracy- Slayer- Rappers Gotta Pay- Franz Win Mercury- White Stripes- Datsuns- Bon Jovi Tribute- Black Metal Soundtrack- Lost Pink Floyd Documentary Found- more

Day In Rock 9/07: Snoop Sued- Fake Sony Reviews Suit Settled- Izzy Reunites With GNR Bandmates For Italian Show- Slipknot Invade Korea- Chimaira DVD- Eagles of Death Metal- AMC- ill nino- 1st Ozzfest Idol Band- Burglary Kills Tour- REM- Megadeth- Sepultura- hed)delay- Orgy- Libertines- Zutons- Cash Auction- 311- Avril's View- Green Day- more

Day In Rock 9/06: Darkness Supergroup- Pulp Fiction 2- Nirvana Box- $790K Nipplegate Fine- Madonna Beer- Jacko Admits Payoffs- Weiland Throws Fit- Korn DVD- Ra- Van Halen Add Dates- Runaways Movie- Hammerfall- In Flames- Busted By Heat Stroke- Interpol- Slayer- God Lives Underwater- Blood Brothers- Har Mar Superstar- Bikini Slunt- more

Day In Rock 9/03: Jacko Accuser Payoff- Idol Boyband Alert- GNR in 05?- Slayer Frontman Hospitalized- Melbourne Dishonor AC/DC- Slipknot DVD- Rod Vs. DJ- Saves The Day Dropped?- Serj, de la Rocha collab- Mars Volta- Clash- Weird Al Attacked- Shadows Fall, Damageplan Tour- Super Furry Animals- Who- Jagger, Josh Stone Duet- Tom Waits- Beta Band- Iommi / Hughes- more

Day In Rock 9/02: Ozzfest Cancelled?- Clerks Sequel- Canada's Worst- Von Bondies Bassist Quits- Slash Action Figure- Love Charges May Be Dropped- Carl Wayne RIP- Musician's Caretaker Arrested in Stabbing - Page Plant- Motley Sevendust?- AC/DC- Mushroomhead Lose Singer- Agnostic Front- SJR DVD- Jet- Napalm Death- Bolt Thrower Lose Singer- Shadows Fall- Incubus- U2- more

Day In Rock 9/01: Slipknot = Murder?- Jacko Paranoido- Linkin Franz Team For New CD- Punk Orchestra- Metallica- Motley Action Figure- Lennon Reissue- Travis- Blur- Interpol Remixes- Velvet Raveonettes- A Perfect Confirmation- Goth Ban- White Stripes DVD- Ozzy's Note From Mom- Sum 41, Donnas- Atreyu, TBS Dates- Jager Slayer Dates- Jello Melvins- Faces Reunite- more


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