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Elton John Calls American Idol Voters Racist, Simom Cowell Disagrees

Andy Richter Returns to Prime Time

311 Announce Summer Tour

U2's Bono Backed By Broadcasters in FCC Indecency Crackdown

Porn Industry Halts Because of HIV-positive Actor

American Idol Controversy Over Jennifer Hudson Vote: An Analysis

Velvet Revolver Tour Extended

Van Halen The Hot Ticket – Four Legs Expected For Tour

Will Secret Grand Jury Tactics Help Michael Jackson’s Defense

Paul Newman – 'Don’t Have A Drink On Me'

Kevin Spacey Lied About Mugging, Admits He Was Conned

Hatebreed Touring Mad

Iced Earth, Children of Bodom, & Evergrey Kickoff Tour

KISS and Poison Plan To 'Rock The Nation'

UFO Cancel U.S. Tour Due To Visa Problems

Britney Spears Plans Reality TV Show

The Apprentice Finale Trumps The Competition

Tarantino Kills The Box Office and Video Store With Kill Bill

Lil' Kim Charged Over Gunfight

iPod Sales Explosion Out-Sells Mac for Apple

Update: Parents of 'Weird Al' Yankovic Poisoned At Home

Clear Channel Target 'Shock' Jocks - Stern Down, More To Go?

Passion Tops Easter Box Office - Alamo Loses In A Draw

Tarantino Plans Third Kill Bill Film

Howard Stern Earns Clear Channel $495K In Fines

Music Sales Are Down Again – Let's Blame the MP3s!

The Osbournes Downward Spiral

Fans Say Goodbye to Kurt Cobain Again – But Questions Still Linger

Sony Buys Rights to Richard Clark’s Controversial Book

Janet Jackson Ushered To No. 2

J.Lo’s Mom Hits $2.4 Million Jackpot, Thanks Virgin Mary

TV Causes ADD? Study Warns That Children Should Not Watch

Another Coldplay Photographer Cold-cock?

Michael Jackson Claims Evidence That Discredits Accuser

Megadeth Reissues Coming With Bonus Songs

New Found Glory Eye May Release

John 5 Leaves Marilyn Manson, Plots Solo CD

Ben Kweller Releases Sophomore Effort - Continues Road Jaunt

The Simpsons Go On Strike?

The Bobby and Whitney Show?

Target Arafat: iconoNEWS

Day In Rock 4/30: Get MP3s For Pennies- Weiland Threatens Critic- L-Palooza Dates- Best Guitar Solos- New Disturbed Bass?- Kataklysm- Rise Against- Candiria- My Chemical Romance- Iced Earth- Motorhead- American Hi Fi- Most Precious Blood- Jacko- Duran Epic- Nevermore- Claypool Waits- A&Erosmith- more

Day In Rock 4/29: Bassist Killed By Lover- Britney Stalker- Black Metal Beating Jail- GNR Demo CD- Arch Enemy- Dope- Kittie- God Forbid- Megadeth- Final Elliot Smith- Lollapalooza Lineup- Stern Out / Trump In- Cranberries- RIAA Sues 477- iTunes Success- Pretty Things- Satriani / Deep Purple- Lit- more

Day In Rock 4/28: Bassist Murder/Suicide Victim - Avril Most Hated- AC/DC Car Wreck- Blink Tacos- Green Day Death Hoax- Copeland- Lollapalooza Dates- Sony MP3- Mick Jones' New Gig- Billy Joel- Queensryche- Otep- Kraftwerk- Morrissey Meltdown- Pixies- Deadsy Dropped- Flaw- Radiohead- more

Day In Rock 4/27: Timberlake To Play Sex Pistol- Man Beaten at HC Concert- Korn Crack Dealer- Warped 03 DVD- Arch Enemy- Black Metal Murder Sentence- Deftones- Meshuggah- Genesis Musical- Stones Drug Bust Flick- MP3s 101- Cranberries Nanny Abuse- Beatles- Prince TV- Adler's Deal- Kittie- more

Day In Rock 4/26: Girl Dies At Slipknot Show- Billy Joel Car Wreck- 9 Injured At Concert- Dolls Tribute- Cure Reissues- Strokes DVD- Partridge Family- Auf Der Offspring- Nevermore- Fugazi Bootlegs- Marillion Top Charts- Guided By Voices Split- Lamb of God- Jet- Ringo Has Surgery- Blur Reunion?- more

Day In Rock 4/23: Metallica Suicide Hoax- Libertines Fans Riot- Andrew WK Advice Show- Astbury Solo- Sony Priest- Ozzfest Throwdown- MC5 World Tour- AC/DC Rock Iraq- APC DVD- Love Skips Rent?- JCS- dredg- Cheap Trick- Stones Sue Label- Barenaked Alanis- Warrant for Jackson- Red Hot Solo- more

Day In Rock 4/22: Jackson Indicted- Celeb Feuds- Metallica Reality Show Was Planned- Folk Pub Beating- Travis Infected- Darkness Throat Surgery- Napster Battle Continues- Zebrahead- Adema- The Cure- Denali Breakup- Motograter Splits- Off-Fest- Lame Strokes Game- Summer of Metal- more

Day In Rock 4/21: Clear Channel On Trial- 36 Crazyfists Vs. Cops- Oasis Splitting?- Chicks With Attitude- Fugazi Bootlegs- Corgan- Sheryl Crow- Lost Testament Guitarist- Solo Staind- Godsmack- Outkast Influence- Blur- Pink Sues Pol- Joey Ramone- Converge- Apex Theory- Soilwork- more

Day In Rock 4/20: Worst Songs Of All Time- Bizkit dropped- Kelly Skips Rehab- RIAA Drops Amnesty- Sevendust Bus Fire- John Lennon- Lemonheads- Coldplay- Slaying Canada- Metallica's 2nd Leg- GNR Top UK- Creed Land Greed- Rock Radio Changing- Mudvayne- Sparta- Pitchshifter- Skinlab- more

Day In Rock 4/19: Ashcroft Targets Pirates- Anti-Idol TV Show- Motley Sued by Hooker- Cobain Movie- Offspring- Earshot- Cave-In Solo- Life Of Agony- In Flames- Nonpoint- Dave Ellefson- Children Of Bodom- KMFDM- UFO Cancel- Ozzy Hoax- Off-fest- Frank Bello Joins Helmet?- Boyhitscar Split -more

Day In Rock 4/16: Courtney Love $4 Mil in Debt?- BRMC Drop Virgin- Slayer & Damageplan Tour?- Disturbed- New Motorhead CD- Real & Apple Vs. Microsoft?- Anselmo Lashes Out- The Bled- Lollapalooza Kickoff- Velvet Revolver Tour- Eighteen Visions- Slipknot- Ash- Bjork- Poison Kiss- more

Day In Rock 4/15: 'A**hole' Delay- Andre Vs Big Boi- Iranian Punk- Spinal Tap Darkness- Society 1 Hate- Football Music- Sparta- Fear Factory- Maiden DVDs- Injured Muse Plays On- Radiohead, System, Cure Auction- Dick Clark- Shadows Fall- Le Chic- Phish- Wilco Nogo- 3 Nickel Mudd- more

Day In Rock 4/14: Jackson Molested Another?- Britney Reality Show?- TBM Bus Crash- Muse Singer Injured-Interpol- Courtney Robbed- Scorpions- Satriani- Lamb of God- Damageplan and Drowning Pool- Fear Factory- Alice Cooper- Wes Borland- Danzig- Manson- Jet- Maroon 5- Electric Six- Otep- more

Day In Rock 4/13: Worst Band of All Time- RI Fire The Movie?- Velvet Revolver Tour- Korn Go Postal- Courtney Love Song Theft- Starz Behind Barz Playing Cards- Metallica Pop Award- More Warped Bands- Morbid Angel- Primus- Slipknot's 10th Mask- BRMC & Gomez Lollapalooza - The Who- Endo- Sock The Darkness- more

Day In Rock 4/12: Datsuns Singer Hospitalized- Andre To Quit OutKast?- Labels Hiking Prices- Izzy n' NY Dolls- Courtney Face-lift Suit- Stratovarius Leader Hospitalized- Homme Claims K.O.- Iced Earth - Motley Plea- Anthrax- Killswitch- SJR Only True Metal?- Orgy- Siouxsie- Primus- At The Drive-In – more

Day In Rock 4/09: Avril Stalker Arrested- Prince Sued By Fan- Love Lashes Out- 100,000 Join SOAD- Weiland Ok To Tour- Antitrust Channel?- Jim Croce- Vince Not So Motley- Exodus- Tool- Carson Daly Award?- Pam & Tommy Pt II- Allman Bros- B-52's Return- Tori Amos- Get Up Kids- more

Day In Rock 4/08: QOTSA Bar Brawl- ID Thief Guitarist- Bon Jovi Lampoon- Manson Wedding- SJR Drops Deicide?- Dio- Judas Priest Sign- Beck- Forget Midtown- Record Slump- Beatles Vs. Apple Trial- Vince Neil Dismissed - Beastie Boys- Jonny Santos- Big Bird Norah- more

Day In Rock 4/07: Courtney Love Song Rip-off?- Peter Criss Vs. Gene Simmons- Ministry- Taproot- Deftones- Slipknot Leno- No Ozzfest For The Bled- Country Weezer- Spears Tour Bus Police Chase- Alanis Nude Protest- Kerry Rap Pandering- Pixies- Layne Staley- Megadeth- Godsmack - Hoobawhat?- more

Day In Rock 4/06: Courtney Murdered Kurt?- Darkness Vs. The Press- Van Hagar Expanded- Sugar Ray Reality Show- Lostprophets- In Stores- Wilco- Vader- Dylan Bras?- Janis Film Fever- Joe Strummer Movie- Punk'd- The Alarm- Beastie Boys- Cold Lose Another- Mad World- Queensryche- Chris Stamey- Ween- more

Day In Rock 4/05: Kelly Osbourne Drug Bust- Distillers Blast Jet- Cobain Remembered- Love's Antics Hurt Daughter- Warped Uproar- Lacuna Borgir Off-fest- Ozzy Targets Doc- Junos- Pixies Bootlegs- Hootie Blow- Death Angel- Control Denied- Donnie Vie- Megadeth- New Found Glory- Coldplay- more

Day In Rock 4/02: Cobain: Suicide or Murder?- Limp Excuse- Lars: Cobain No Fan of GNR- New Flaw- Darkness Burn Out?- Songwriters Hall Inductees- Slipknot Swagless- Tears For Cures- Taking Back The Lama- Pearl Jam Honored- Alanis TV- Cave In- Best of April Fool's- GNR Go Mallcore?- Korn Change Name- more

Day In Rock 4/01: Bizkit Snub Africa- Darkness Sue AC/DC- P2P Legal- Vines Bomb in Chicago- 3DD Member Acquitted- Ozzy- Priest- Black Crowes- Sonic Youth- John Kerry Loves Rap, Hates Metal- TSOL Free- Amen- Velvet Underground- A Postponed Circle- Manson- Boy Hits Car Dropped- Corgan- more


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