by Dr Fever

For all intents and purposes, Clutch is a band that defies general categorization. Sure, they're easily one of (more like THE) best rock and roll bands currently making music, but to write Clutch off as simply a "rock band" doesn't do them the proper justice.

In a music world that bobs and weaves with the currents trends and what Corporate Talking Heads think will sell "to the kids", a world that makes stars out of one hit wonders and one trick ponies with little to zero talent, Clutch has become successful and has always been consistent. With a career that spans six studio records, assorted e.p's, outtakes, 7-inches, and a live record, this band has more than made their mark, and along the way have influenced countless other artists and continue to draw new fans into the fold with each passing show and recording.

There in, lies the secret. Clutch has never been an MTV or radio band. Sure, they've had a couple of cuts make some impact at radio...but nothing incredibly huge. The secret to Clutch's success has been their FANATICAL fan base. A fan base built from years upon years of massive touring, with few places left un-marked by the fury of a Clutch live show. To see Clutch live is an experience that should be absorbed and enjoyed. You're not going to get a KISS-eque spectacle with lights, explosions, jumping around or fake blood...what you're going to get is 4 guys with a love for music and an intensity to kick every ass in the room.

Lately, Clutch has been on the road in support of their latest studio album: "Blast Tyrant." The follow-up to 2001's "Pure Rock Fury" (an album, you may remember, that I voted as the BEST of that year), "Blast Tyrant" is a glorious 15 song tribute to the ESSENCE of rock and roll. Led by the first single, "Mob Goes Wild" and it's brilliant video (directed by 'Viva La Bam' madman/tv savant Bam Margera.) "Mob.." sets the stage and gives you a taste of what's to come once you get the album: The definitive foot stompin, ass kickin, beer drinkin, rock and roll album of the year! If more so-called rock bands followed the pattern of "Blast Tyrant" and did it with some sincerity, then the world of "rock music" would be a hell of a lot better off.

There are probably so many things I could say about Clutch, both as a journalist and a long time fan, but I think the best way I can wrap this up is to just do it simply: Buy "Blast Tyrant" (hell, buy the entire catalog, you'll be better off in the long run), see the band live and get educated in what it means to rock and be rocked.


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